@Alita99 mañana te digo algo, ahora estoy en otras cosas jaja

@jasond do you have another contact option? So I can send you the code (it's not large)

I'm having an issue on CSS can someone help me?

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People who belive in white genocide are not by definition loving towards other races. Your talking in circles now.

Looking for basic clothes providers on China, needed for my brand

Can I submit ideas or codes for Mastodon?

@mkb I like pentesting but I'm bad at it 😅, I've been in the local news a couple times for hack some famous peomple too

(First of all excuse me for my english level, I'm from Spain and I'm learning yet)

Hello people, you can call me Osiris or Demon as you want.

I'm interested in cyber security and hacking accounts.
I'm looking for someone for share knowledges, preferably spanish or english speakers.

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