@freemo any idea why the federated timeline is showing such old toots? Is anyone else seeing this?

@Demosthenes see my reply. federated timeline is high volume and processed in parallel by multiple threads. This can sometimes get one thread to get behind another by a little bit in theory, though I have never experienced it.

@Demosthenes keep in mind QOTO has one of the highest peer count of any server (I think top 20 or so)... which means we process a lot of data from peers. We also run a relay. That means we need some bulky hardware to manage it and occasionally there can be backlog in general where i see delays in the admin panel. It doesnt seem to effect the other timelines but this is likely an artifact from that since the federated timeline is pretty much the firehose of it all.

@Demosthenes if you mean why is it outdated, its because you had to click where it says you have more toots. you can make it autoupdate if you want, its a setting and you have it off.. but if you mean why are the toots out of order, that I havent experienced but I dont use the federated timeline. Most likely its just due to the volume compared to having so many threads.

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