this is my little rescue dog, Folly. She likes to help me work and sees herself as a future bioinformatician πŸ€”πŸΆ

@DrK We have a rule on QOTO... all doggies must submit to the admin of the instance (me) for immediate cuddles and raspberries... no exceptions.

Please send her to my office right away.

@freemo ha! I’m so sorry I was unaware of this rule, I’ll send her to you straight away! She only has short little legs though so might take a while to get to you 🐢

@DrK Thats ok, ill leave the door open and have some water and treats ready for her.

@DrK Folly is such a cutie. This is Sika, my psychotic rescue dog. She adores people but would happily destroy every other dog in existence. We love her but she makes life, erm, challenging.

@KathyMartin001 ahh thank you! Sika is lovely too! I’m sure her cuteness makes up for the slightly challenging behaviour! 😍😍

@VeteranUK They’re the best 🀩🐢 make sure you share some photos of yours sometime!

@DrK @VeteranUK
Thought id share a picture of my rescue dog too. deserve some love.
Caught here hiding from the camera, as she usually does, but I think it might have been more an excuse...
Yours are beautiful and seem much more well-behaved :'D

I haven't worked out how to make photos small enough for mastodon? Soon πŸ•

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