Hello Just wondering if there is anyone else out there who is involved in medical imaging research? I am currently a bioinformatician using RNA-seq data to investigate cellular ageing, but I'm also a qualified diagnostic radiographer and will soon be starting a postdoc in medical imaging. I am especially interested in utilising my quite diverse experience to bring together genetics and imaging to improve medical diagnostics. Would love to connect with anyone who is interested in this area of research or who works in medical imaging in general! 😀

@DrK That sounds really cool! I am a postdoc who uses drosophila genetics to understand the role lipid droplets play during development.

@Drosmel hey! Nice too meet you 😀 That sounds like really interesting stuff to be working on too 🤩

@DrK You may find this very interesting: portal.imaging.datacommons.can. The Imaging Data Commons is funded by the NCI and the cancer imaging research community is growing.

HI @DrK ! I§m in a similar situation, trying to widen my expertise towards image analysis, should be mostly CT and MRI. Looking forward to your posts and reposts!

@matej_lexa Hi! Nice to meet you! Good to find someone else interested in image analysis! 😀

@DrK Hello and nice to meet you! I work on a deep learning algorithm that quantifies blood, swelling, and CSF in ICH patients' CT scans.

Your experience reminded me of this dataset. It has genetic and imaging data for Alzheimer's patients.

@oseymour Hello! Great to meet you! So nice to start seeing some folks in my network! in medical imaging is an area of interest in the research group I’m joining soon and something I’m hoping to learn more about! Thanks for the link to the dataset, that looks really interesting!

@DrK I've also got a Google sheet of #MedicalAI people pinned on my profile. They're not all #medicalimaging people, but feel free to add yourself and follow some of the others on there

@oseymour brilliant, thanks! This place is great isn’t it?! 🤩

@DrK yes! it's fun watching the different communities come in at different times. #bioinformatics and #nlproc ppl were here when I got here. Then the #medicalimaging ppl started coming and now there's a #sportsanalytics community. It's great to see

@DrK Hello, I am a Statistician interested in data integration where the data are heterogenous types (images and genomics etc). There is a very interesting set of papers around imaging and 'omics' data, maybe look at what @vcalhoun
does. Welcome👋

Also..I forgot but the hashtags here are important, I'd go with #DataIntegration.

@SherlockpHolmes @vcalhoun hi! Thanks for this! I will certainly take a look 😀

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