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Nice! Good luck. Gonna be watching to see how it goes.

I have to admit. Apple looks good on the box. Let’s make sure they hold out.

Tim Cook May Have Just Ended Facebook |

@lizzymoda 2 years 1 day. This means Kamala won’t have served a full term and she can run twice more giving her 10 years total service.

@globaltrustopedia @QOTO
Wow. Love this article. Such a big deal to look at the impacts of MSM and social curating fear science.

Interesting, the ClubHouse App has a discrete "blocked" feature that shows up when you click on the profile.

It's also based on people you follow and who follow you so its reactive to your local circles and the individual doesn't carry the badge to non-connected circles ruining them on the app eternally.

Well thought.

This happens fast. But all the others are reasonably priced. Well, reasonably meaning hundreds. Usually goes for $25 at Target.

Not that anyone here needs to hear this but I have to start posting regardless of it’s redundant nature.

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"An employee of the video platform Zoom who is based in China was spying on Chinese dissidents for the Communist Chinese government, according to a federal indictment announced on Friday."

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@mur2501 Intriguing perspective.

We still carry legacy western-culture norms from the Middle Ages. Repress sexual desire and procreative instincts but champion violence. One is seen as shameful and lack of self control like a dog lacking decorum, and the other seen as courage, pushing past fear.
Strangely, both actions create a similar neurobio response. The behavioral response to (sexual intimacy) is considered vulnerable or weak and the other (maniacal aggression) is consider powerful.

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I bet there are people in China that find the state of their country and their belief system disjointed. They probably ask themselves.. "how did we get here?"

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@Secftblgirl I appreciate that you have a copy of the constitution to thumb through. Simple steps to being a great American.

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