@cassidyjames concur. The Yelp oligarchy is the fuckin worst and the people who leave 5:1 ratio 1 star reviews are never banded or charged for ruining business reputation.

Let’s fix this stupid NO COST rating system. If a user wants to leave a 1 star no problem. But they should get like 1 a year. If they really find so many shitty businesses or services they should look harder for quality establishments or pay to destroy business reputation.

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Did some more lately and got a pair of portal book holders, which are kinda cool

@Maltheus nice. Ok. I figured there was a down side. I wonder if they have a patreon set up. I’d rather pay them than Google and watch ads.

@popura This is a thing of beauty... What kind of range you getting out o this bad boy?

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Shortly before his death, Abraham Lincoln lamented what he saw happening with a resounding prophecy: “Corporations have been enthroned … An era of corruption in high places will follow… until wealth is aggregated in a few hands … and the Republic is destroyed.”


@Pepito there is no way this is real!! If it is that is pretty amazing.

Anyone aware of any security vulnerabilities with this door lock?


I say this to myself all the time. I could ramble on this this forever about what it means or what I think it means. But I think it’s cool none the less.


@verita84 @alex awesome, thanks I’ll definitely look into it tonight.

@verita84 thanks for the info. I really appreciate that you are building this pleroma launcher through docker. I would really like to chat more with you about how you’re doing this and what we can add as a full scope decentralized software download. Would you be interested?

@alex @verita84
Ok I’ll give it a shot. Thank you guys. I’ve been trying this for a year with numerous failed builds. THANK YOU!!

@verita84 @alex
Hey @alex if i install ether the fediverse.express option or the git.rage.lol pleroma will i still be able to use your soapbox app and re-skin it and modify it? I also like your soapbox configuration for video hosting. Is that possible? Sorry for the 101 questions. I really want to do this.

@graf @alex good heads up. Thanks for the info. It brings up a few questions tho. Is it smart to host a pleroma stack there? Can I troubleshoot it without massive remote delay? Back ups? Stuff like that. Comparability? Honestly I’m trying to avoid centralized control of any decentralized systems. But it’s difficult. Right?

@alex I would love to try out the software. I’m particularly interested in starting my own instance in a Ubuntu virtual box on my PC. Would that work?

I have attempted to set up an instance in the past before but I could not get the pleroma to work in Ubuntu. I have been interested in doing this for about a year. I’ve followed many sites and how tos but no luck. Do you have recommendations for a noob with big ambitions?

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