Finally made my own box.
Three stage (washable microfiber to carbon filter to HEPA).
Can "attach" to any sized fan through a plastic trash bag.
Can pull apart and collapse through Velcro and tape so portable enough for a carry-on.
Will add a USB powered UVC light next.

<$100 all-in.

Would have to be something like a 3 day doubling time for a month, despite widespread NPIs, and finishes infecting every single person in Guangdong by the end of this week.
This strains credulity.
Both figures are likely to be way off.
QT: mastodon.hongkongers.net/@Will

William Yang (@WilliamYang120)  
Apart from Qingdao, authorities in Dongguang in Guangdong province also said the number of confirmed cases is increasing around 250,000 to 300,000 ...

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