Sleepy Scone.

She's snoring and totally zonked.

It's been a big few days for her with vets, an operation and lots of guests today!

Glasgow why is this going around the joint at 9:30 in the morning blasting the tunes

She's off to the vets tomorrow. Hoping for better looking bloods, a clean ultrasound and, all going well, spaying being done.

(not getting a better picture today, she's in a "no cameras, please" mood and blapping me for any photo attempts)

One of the nicest things about Mastodon so far is not having a horrible little sidebar constantly reminding me that who I am as a person is up for debate by angry, hateful and bigoted older men and women who really just want to call me a pervert.

Hello Mastodon, this is my cat.

Her name is Scone.

Last night, she decided to start attacking a storage drawer viciously because she wanted to sit on top of a very specific old side bag that I own.

She has four random cardboard boxes in our home, all in varying states of being eaten. Her preferences are unique.

Scone is a wonderful hunter. The other day, we located in her trophy zone beneath a large chair in the study, the kitchen sponge that she had valiantly slain, thrown to the ground and brought to one of her hiding spots.

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