Testing the waters here in case the bird app goes belly up. Looking forward to interacting with new and old friends!

I'm a synthetic inorganic chemist at university in on the beautiful east coast of Canada.

My group makes unusual main group molecules and materials. Will post our latest work, amplify important voices, and hot takes on cool topics.

My I'm a researcher in biomarkers and quantitative imaging, and I'm looking for an online community sharing interesting research in these and other fields. I've never been tenure track, but I'm ok with that.

I'm a fan of . I study from a Reconstructionist lens. And I'm in Indiana.

Until now, encyclopaedias have mainly been written by men, about men, for other men. They’re full of content gaps, and when it comes to info about emerging scientific topics (eg the climate crisis), they go out of date as soon as they’re printed. Wikipedia gives us a chance to change that. We all have a responsibility to make the world’s most widely used reference source more accurate, inclusive and complete.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/2

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Hardly anyone who speaks as clearly about #CO2Removal #CDR as Julia #Pongratz.

Emission reductions first, #cdr second.
Go speak to her and excellent @CDRmare and @CDRterra colleagues if you attend #COP27.

With @PFriedling, she will also present the #CarbonBudget on Friday. twitter.com/cdrterra/status/15

Me, my research 

I’m a researcher in #MedicinalChemistry - I design and make chemicals towards medicinal application at the Institute of #CancerResearch.

One focus is on #TPD - targeted protein degradation, a relatively new area, where we aim to find molecules that dont just block the function of a protein, but wipe it out completely.

I believe sharing knowledge is absolutely critical to science (Here’s me trying some #scicomm at Pint of Science 2022!) - so ask me anything about #DrugDiscovery!

I will try and use this account to
- share some nice science (from us and other
- ask and answer questions about research
- explain some key concepts about my work (good #SciComm practice!)

Always happy to hear from people who want to know more, or who are interested in careers in #MedicinalChemistry or #DrugDiscovery

I’m on this Sci Comm server because I like to try to explain things to people with different backgrounds, but that doesn’t mean I’m good at it, so bear with me!

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@ct_bergstrom @jdagg
Thanks for interesting discussion! My view: not every valuable paper includes a surprise. But most do, and good scientific writing will cultivate that sense of drama. Jump scares like "surprisingly" (that's how I interpreted jump scare, @ct_bergstrom) tend to disrupt the drama. But scientists should not avoid drama, anticipation, surprise. Those things are central in my view of good #ScientificWriting.

More random #security thoughts:

1. Mastodon is pretty chill but expect a surge of troll activity with all the attention. Nothing is totally immune to the challenges associated with attention/scale.
2. Try to be open to new followers but check them out - Who do they follow? Who follows them?
3. Block quickly at any hint of malicious behavior/hate/trolling. Don't engage. Keep the vibe positive.
4. If you see patterns of abuse share that information with your followers.

Encountering harassment #FediTips 

Unfortunately, it happens here too.
Use the tools and let your #admin help protect you.
• You can Mute, Block, Report a user from their profile page.
• You can also block their domain. If it's not one of the big servers, you should probably go ahead and use defederation as defense and shut it down.
• When you Report a user you'll be asked to choose which of the server rules were violated.
• Admins will be notified and should take action.
• Find a safe instance.

Why Wikipedia? Because it’s the largest, most widely used, non-partisan democratised platform for sharing knowledge. Every day Wikipedia users include high school students, parents, teachers, journalists, policy makers and academics. It’s not behind a paywall and it’s not full of technical jargon. But like all encyclopaedias, Wikipedia has huge gaps – especially in biographies of women of people from other historically excluded groups.

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#edutoot #edutooter reposting now I found a good hashtag!

I'm Becky. I'm a Primary school teacher working in a British school in Germany and living in the Netherlands.

Currently teaching year 6, responsible for Science, working towards #psqm, and Technology, #makerspace incoming.

Interested in education research, #kcl graduate, just completed dissertation for Masters for Education in Arts and Culture on #steam.

Teaching and learning, education research. Big listener of #TDaPE

We're hiring a senior editor at Scientific American to help run our opinion, commentary & analysis coverage. Thanks for applying or recommending the job to people you think would be good candidates. careers.springernature.com/job

Hi everyone. I’m Jess, a materials scientist working on next-generation optical and electronic devices. I spend all my free time trying to make science more inclusive. For the last four years I’ve spent every evening writing the Wikipedia biographies of scientists from historically excluded groups. I’m nearly at 1800!! #WomenInSTEM

Hi! I'm a #volcanologist in #NewZealand (not part of Australia) working on a few different things, but mostly Ngauruhoe #volcano, or the real Mount Doom from LOTR.

I have been working to get #eruption information out to people over on the bird app and through media when needed, and helping people learn about our volcanically active planet.

Now part of the #Twittermirgration and hopefully ready for the learning curve. #Introduction #Scicomm

@andrew_rosen i love Moo! My wife made fun of my first business cards “who are you trying to impress with all those letters?”. I took it to heart and went ultra minimalist (but with four colours to collect)

This place feels strangely human. It is comforting to scroll through and read the thoughts of real people


I am an associate professor in #biophysics at #KTH. My lab uses #compchem methods to investigate #membrane #proteins and in particular #ionchannels.

I’m also an editor at #elife and biophysical journal, #openscience advocate.

Originally from 🇫🇷, migrated to 🇺🇸🇨🇭and then 🇸🇪, spending a good deal of time in the 🇬🇧.

Mostly on social media to learn about cool #science and meet fellow humans with common interest. Also interested in environmental, social and political issues.

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