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It’s #FollowFriday so I hope folks utilize the hashtag to find my account here!
Give me a boost! Maybe if I can show some of the big accounts on Twitter that it’s possible to grow sizably and quickly here, too, they’ll migrate over!

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I love Christmas and hate it equally. I love the lights, music, snow and decorations. I like giving and sharing hugs with people. I have a made family here who I adore!

It breaks my heart when I can't share it with my family, who are spread all over the world. My daughter is back in England, my Mum lives over the other side of Canada and my Dad lives in Germany. My brother is also back in England as well as my husband's family.

I'm sat in the lab with Christmas music on and trying to think happy thoughts.

A shooting at a gay bar in Colarado Springs. 5 dead and 20+ injured.

When is this hateful violence going to end? When are the GOP going to understand that they are fuelling these acts of hate? People are dying! Children are dying!


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Just had a call from a friend back in England. She is doing forensic insect succession studies. There used to be a facility in a high walled garden where we could lay out forensic samples for analysis. Without any consultation they sold the land to a football club. Then told us a small piece of land with a metal fence would be a good enough replacement. This placement is in full view of the public, and right underneath the Art Building.

She's covered her experiments as much as possible from external view. If she covers it anymore it will create a microclimate which will destroy the experiment and it's intentions.

When this site was instated, we told them it was a stupid placement. Now she is being bombarded with complaints by the Art Faculty and being sent these complaints by her head of school! The question is, why has he not sorted this out years ago and found an alternative spot?

My friend was in tears because her major PhD experiments are now in jeopardy and she's close to giving up. Students shouldn't be put in this position. Forensic research shouldn't be this hard for this reason.

All research is valid and should be encouraged. Everywhere we have tried to move experiments to, massive roadblocks were put in the way.

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Today it’s the International Day of LGBTQIA+ People in STEM and we are extremely excited for our conference on community and careers! #LGBTQSTEMDay

New here! What's it all about? I'm a trained in Forensic Science and currently teaching Biochemistry labs.

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