Why do some people post stuff that is obviously pointless and uninsteresting to the world. And why do others not post when they have many thoughts to share.

@europrobe People find different things interesting and other things pointless, depending on perspective. There could be an argument made that anything posted is pointless, or even a meta like post, posting about pointlessness of posts, is itself, pointless.

@obi What I guess I'm trying to say is that I almost never post anything myself since I don't consider my thoughts interesting enough for the world. But many (most?) posts are not very interesting so maybe I'm aming too high.

@europrobe That could be. Maybe you are just shy? I think that's a different discussion though - people's proclivity to post.

@obi @europrobe ~

Does it mostly boil down to intro/extro-vert?

On another tack, I never post about myself, but I looove abstract, conceptual, or critical analysis posts.

@EubieDrew I don't post a lot. I don't even reply a lot, really. Most things that I would reply, people would take as me being hostile, so I try and refrain @europrobe



You can always reply to my posts safely; I almost never take contrary replies as hostile, even in politics. Most non-trolls are sincerely struggling to operate in good faith.


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