@freemo @trinsec m.youtube.com/watch?v=-csGDoSS the 1st 20secs of this is happening in 90% of american soccer living households right now.

I hate phones 

@trinsec You guys can't get Pixel phones in the Netherlands, can you?

What I’ve been called and why I use the tag on my profile. In jest of course.

No surprise, now these toxic bullies from tech.lgbt are trying to have private conversations with me, which I of course indulge, and then quote whatever ammo they can use out of context and dump the rest...

It is amazing these people trust anyone who is so clearly **not** being transparent.


QT: tech.lgbt/@FediThing/109405363


Qoto.org blocking, genocide mention 

Traditional oven cooked, vs Smoked 

Which would you choose? We have both.

For fellow arrivals, @freemo (the amazing Qoto.org admin) shared a Domain Blocking List.

If you import this comma-separated values (CSV) file into your Mastodon account via the Preferences, that can help keep spammers and bad actors out of your timelines/feeds. I know some folks have complained about it.

Here’s the Domains Blocked file in Google Sheets. You can go to File ->Download->CSV to get a copy of the domains blocked list.

Then, once you have it saved, import it via your Preferences -> Import->Domain Blocking List as shown in the screenshot.



In the USA, those of us who understand and can calculate fractions only have another 24 hours or so of halving and doubling recipe ingredients for those who refuse to use the metric system because β€œit’s too hard.”

They ported PostmarketOS to the nokia 8110 4G... it looks so derpy running XFCE. I guess I found another project

Anyone's kids ever get a tonsillectomy? 

I know it's normal after the procedure, but wherever he walks to it smells like a used diaper covered in burnt hair....

My wife got out the holiday decorations the other day. She moved one into my peripheral, and I kept feeling like I was being watched. 

Stop staring at me, Gnome!

Is Mars on a close approach? Seems the biggest I can remember in the sky right now.

New tool. I don't buy knives all that much anymore, but when I do, they are from Finland.

Love Brisa and Elmax.

sharon under the stars  
The biggest thing I've learned on #mastodon so far is how incredibly toxic the #BirdSite quote-tweet was. I would never have even thought about it ...

This thing is crazy. From Steven Pinker. It hurts my eyes too look at, I actually have too look away. But the center white is the same brightness/color as the radiating white (that's with the black). I think our minds just recognize it as the sun, but still create a physical response. Even after 15mins, I still can't look at it for too long.

It makes me smile how well Mastodon caters for niche interests. There is even a hashtag for people who like tree trunks:

Related, Elon Musk wants #E2EE DMs in "Twitter 2.0" and has enlisted the help of Moxie Marlinspike, the founder of @signalapp and the architect of the #Signal protocol.


Whatever your opinion of Twitter is, E2EE improves security for everyone.

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