You ever have a preorder wait that was longer than a pregnancy? I preordered this Ball 1917 GMT 9 months and 17 days ago. Just arrived.

Do something good today. Help a stranger. Compliment a stranger. Kiss a stranger.

Maybe not the last one.

Just arrived; new budget AK02 CW paddle. Paid only ~ โ‚ฌ15 The thing is 3D printed with magnetic feet and usable for practice Morse code or field operation #morsecode #truSDX #hamradio

A continuation of the baller theme. Herer with rofi and a few submenus

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In an effort to encourage long time & new #hamradio #amateurradio operators to sharpen their #CW #MorseCode skills, for the foreseeable future my CW #pota #parksontheair activations will be at 15 WPM or less. Of course #QRP See you on the #HFBands


I hope McCarthy has 2 healthy kidneys, because he'll need stuff to trade away when his speakership is challenged in a few days.


You can always reply to my posts safely; I almost never take contrary replies as hostile, even in politics. Most non-trolls are sincerely struggling to operate in good faith.


Not knowing if I should be saying effected or affected so alternating between the two until someone calls me out. :-S

Do me a favor and get more cyber-secure in 2023 for free! How?

Go to and enter your email. If you see a site on that list, CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD to a new one.

Use Bitwarden like @obi suggests for new passwords. Thanks Obi!

My wallpaper is just a constant reminder that in Nuclear War, everybody dies

@eniko @MaddieQuestions
I knew the "Hamburger", but didn't know the Meatballs... I think I'll start calling it by that name now. actually, there's more food names:

Exploring deep call graphs and figuring out how to visualise them is where an e-ink tablet really comes in handy

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