I just bought a new computer. Using Google Chrome, this website always comes with a warning now. It says not secure. Is anyone else having this problem?

@Expat1975 cant say im having the same issue, could be an SSL certificate that expired - could you provide a screenshot?

@Expat1975 That is very odd, shows as secure for me... what web browser, anyone else expiernce this? Is it new?

@mastohost Anything about this make sense to you?


@freemo @Expat1975 @mastohost yeh looks like www. is causing the issue. May want to do a 302 redirect so is the primary url (drop the www).

@absolutus @Expat1975 Yep, that's the problem.

@freemo do you want to do the redirect in the DNS or do you want me to do it in the server? DNS redirect is much faster and doesn't require an TLS cert but I can do it in the server if you want.

@mastohost @absolutus Do you mean a CName record? That wouldn't resolve this problem.


@freemo depending on your DNS provider, you can setup a redirect record. It is not an official standard but many providers allow you to do it (some call URL record, URI record, Redirect record).

But if you prefer or your provider doesn't offer you that, let me know and I issue a TLS for www and do the redirect on the server.

@absolutus @Expat1975

@mastohost @freemo @absolutus @Expat1975 Could you also put a Subject Alternative Name (SAN) of to the certificate?

@jon yep, sure I can do that, it's just that doing the redirect in the server is one more thing to cause load and DNS redirect is also faster. If that is an option, I would suggest that but it's not a big deal.

@freemo @absolutus @Expat1975

When you say DNS redirect do you mean CName? If so that wouldn't fix the problem here.

@jon @absolutus @Expat1975

@freemo No, like I mentioned before: it really depends on your DNS provider the type of record to add.

I think you are using AWS to manage your DNS, if I am not mistaken in AWS it's the ALIAS record:

Still, just let me know if you prefer to have me redirect in the server.

@jon @absolutus @Expat1975

@Expat1975 Yes, it happens often. One time it happened when I was on

@Expat1975 I'm not having that problem, Garrett, and so far no one else has mentioned it. I'll let our tech know. Thank you for reporting the problem.

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