@Fabrice_tual Voici une carte postale - Iidabashi dans les années 1920

Iidabashi, de Tōshi Yoshida (1911-1995), bois gravé en 1932. Acquis en 2016.

Admirables reflets de ciel vespéral dans les canaux. Et après un premier regard sur une scène qui semble figée, on y distingue plein de vie.

@Fabrice_tual Thank you for posting your ukiyo-e of a Ushigome street in Tokyo.

The evocative Shinjuku scene caused me to recall a trivial snapshot I'd saved -- no special reason, I just liked something about this ordinary rainy day on Teramachi-dori in Kyoto.

In truth, I admit I never understood why I held on to this old photo. And I didn't see what it had to do with your woodblock print.

At first, I thought your Shin-hanga print sparked an interest in looking again at the accumulated water on the sidewalk in the foreground.

And then, when I actually did look again, it became clear that what I wanted to see was the puddling on the asphalt paving. This helped me to appreciate Koitsu's skill as an artist.

I really like your ukiyo-e of a Tokyo neighborhood street on a rainy day. You have a good eye.

Tsuchiya Koitsu (1870-1949)
Ushigome Kagurazaka (un soir à Ushigome), 1939, acquise en 2016. Une de mes préférées. Relevez l’atmosphère particulière de cette soirée qu’on imagine pluvieuse mais chaude, moite.

Purchased in 2016. Do notice the special atmosphere of this evening that we imagine rainy but hot, moist.

@Fabrice_tual You are very welcome.

One of the beauties of the internet is how we can find and admire great works of art; paintings, drawings, gravure, music, it's all there for the taking and enjoying.

We can reach out and admire that nice image.

Here's a link to a larger sized image: lesitedujapon.com/wp-content/u

..while I will post a scaled down version here to not overwhelm the systems.

"The Great Wave of Kanagawa"

Image from : lesitedujapon.com/hokusai-36vu

My very first original woodblock print. So many magnificent others will follow ☺️

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