On dogs and hierarchy.

– Nick Harkaway, Gnomon.

The character Konstantin Kyriakos in that book is like a walking library of quips. The writer apparently had a collection of witty pieces and he then wrote a character around them 🙂 .

Actually correlates well with population density. No surprise there. More people, more GDP per capita.

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Now this one is a bit misleading, apparently the scale matters. Here’s an alternative.

Realistic World Economic Output by u/KennethSui http://dlvr.it/RvRQrn

Gravitrax is just fun

I hope to never get too old to be bored by these things…

A reference to lean start-up way of doing things in another thread reminded me of this.

BTW, rakhim.org guy has some very good comics drawings. Recommended!

Infinitely zooming picture


This is fun. Infinitely zooming generative scene. It’s not the first one I encountered, but one of the most captivating. Worth storing a bookmark to brighten somebody’s day…

Drawing 3D illusions on paper

Youtube channel of a guy drawing hundreds(!) of interesting drawings including many 3D illusions on a sheet of paper. Very interesting. Tested, works :blobthumbsup:.

Inspired by this toot.

When driving (especially long distances, being tired, etc.), sometimes you do things which only in retrospect you realise were not the safest manoeuvre to perform.

I often wondered whether people would be scared if they had an analogue gauge installed in their car dashboard which would be showing the current likelihood of them (or their passengers) being killed in an accident in the next, say 3 minutes.

I guess, some of us would get freaked out often enough to drive more carefully. or perhaps not drive at all.


When driving today, I was thinking about how comfortable we all are with being so close to death... just about half a meter away from a deathly hea...

ROKR wooden 3D puzzles

Very nice wooden cut-out puzzles to assemble. Some of their models are just to assemble, but some are mechanically functional pieces. I find it very exciting. This is a bookmark for future reference. Useful as gifts for my future self :-).

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