The same poppy seed cake recipe as couple of months ago, except this time in the form of a tulband/bábovka. Successful integration test for a little birthday party in 2 weeks. @hob

war porn, tank explosion, turret throw

I don’t like posting this sort of stuff, somebody died there. But technically speaking, this is a clear shot of a crazy Russian tank explosion throwing its turret to a record altitude.

Another poppy seed cake. Sort of a classic this one. Yet, one of my favourites.


How Silent Assent Made Bucha Possible

But in the end, I decided that for me, it was not a question of what good it would do, but of my personal responsibility.

– Larisa Bogoraz, 1968

Pithivier-style meat pie

My first, somewhat improvised, incursion into the meat pie territory.

Very tasty. I did not have huge expectations for the first attempt, but it worked out surprisingly well. Worth further exploration of this recipe style.

Meat pies to cheer up cold and sleazy winter days!

Inspired by the recipe in The Guardian:


3-layered apple pie, edition #2

The first attempt was fine and tasted well, but there were several things which needed improvement. Primarily the size of the recipe.

So I applied some bugfixes and made the edition #2. Half ingredients, better juicier taste, a bit of a sharper touch of lemon, just fine now. I don’t even know what’s to be improved still.

3-layered apple pie

  • first attempt
  • worked out fine, tastes great, not too sweat with just a bit of cinnamon
  • to remember for the next iteration: all the pastry and apple layers should have been a bit thinner - the recipe is obviously for a larger tin, but eyeballing the dough I was a bit afraid it would dry out - unwarranted

@piggo with the regular inspired me to start irregular instead. Let’s see what mileage I get.

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