@academicalnerd 👍 And don’t forget to be nice to yourself along the way.

@academicalnerd good to see you back. Persevere!

And yes, people have more resources than they think. But it only shows when there’s no other way.

@piggo @freundTech As if we have solved that problem by now…

In fact, we didn’t. We just gave up.

Sales meeting: first we fed them our bullsh#t. They were impressed. Then they fed us their bullsh#t and we were also mightily impressed. Finally, we agreed to agree when we get together for the second round of the feast one week later.

@thorgrimson you can try GitLab’s board which are quite heavyweight of course, but Gitea is light and has boards. Then you only need 3 issue labels (ToDo, Doing, Done) and you are set. Gitea works for me fine at home, but I still prefer GitLab for work.

@piggo Nice. So you fold it up instead of the more traditional “roll”.

Anyway, for a more “juicy” result, you could consider putting under the filling a thin layer of melted butter mixed with breadcrumbs. That layer would soak in and keep all the juices released from the fresh fruit filling.


Well, if we take politics out of this, I think you can reframe the discussion towards some shared objective around recognising that realists are concerned primarily with existing constraints seeing them as potentially insurmountable obstacles on the path to the objective, while dreamers would probably focus more on the end-outcome somewhat disregarding the obstacles, which might as well turn to be insurmountable, but dreamers don’t care too much.

In this sense, personally, I tend to be more of a “dreamer” than a “realist”.


@Pat @freemo I totally agree, it’s almost impossible to discuss anything political these days because of the fluid and by now also void definitions of all the political concepts. Each bubble repurposed the other sides definitions, ran them through a meat grinder and now two people speaking same words don’t mean the same thing and it’s almost impossible to even agree on the first principles.

Just to clarify what I personally mean under conservative vs. progressive, the best apolitical definition I’ve heard of recently comes from WaitButWhy series: waitbutwhy.com/2019/12/politic. BTW, I wholeheartedly recommend the whole series.

Progressivism = concerned with helping society make forward progress—positive changes to the status quo. That progress can come from identifying what you deem to be a flaw in your nation’s systems or its culture and working to root it out, or by trying to make your nation’s strong points even stronger.

Conservatism = concerned with conserving what is already good about society—either by fighting against the erosion of what you deem to be your nation’s strong qualities, or by pushing back against well-intentioned attempts at positive progress that you believe, in reality, will prove to be changes for the worse, not for the better.

@piggo What I also see, is yet another small disaster in making. Even if you vent this one properly, it will probably burst because of the juices flowing off from the grated apples.

Let us know the result 🙂 .

@SheDrivesMobility It’s silly to us e”favourite” or “like” on what you said, so sorry for that.

What I want to express is twofold:

  1. re long-covid: take care fir yourself, I feel for you.
  2. re Verantwortung: thank you for the attitude, I wholeheartedly agree and appreciate.

@freemo As I said, this leads nowhere. Whatever. I don’t care much for US-centric definitions of political concepts. I live in EU and gladly so. I am more interested in the original dichotomy of realists vs. dreamers. 😉


@freemo Well, we can argue about nitty-gritty semantics here, but I think you;ve got the definition “liberal” wrong. Liberal, in my book has not much to do with right vs. left. It rather is about freedom.

Conservative, in my world, has the opposite in progressive. Which to me screams “embrace the change”, or “do what currently is the right the to do”. In other words, don’t be afraid to step into the future!


@Pat Well, this one is a cheap quip with an expensive reality behind it. Let me respond with a translation of a Dutch song text I happen to know:

Want de allermooiste bloemen groeien vlak langs het ravijn, en om die te kunnen plukken moet je durven bang te zijn.

because the most beautiful flowers grow at the edge of a ravine, to pick them you must dare to be afraid

Veldhuis & Kamper/Ravijn

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