Not that I care too much, but this is interesting.

  1. few weeks ago (in a desperate PR action) the govt of Slovakia bought 2Mio doses of Sputnik V vaccine.
  2. instead of directly distributing it, the govt asked the national testing institute for medicines (or whatever is the name) to approve it
  3. the institute finally delivered a report stating that a) the docs to the vaccine is severely incomplete, b) the Russian producer refuses to answer further questions both from the institute and from EMA and c) they noticed that the vaccine batches across countries significantly differ in what they are and how they are handled. Most importantly d) the batch used for Lancet study of efficacy is different than the one Slovakia bought so it’s unclear what are the real performance properties of this stuff. In turn, the institute recommended to use the vaccine only at significant risk as they are not equipped to evaluate this more thoroughly (only EMA is).
  4. in turn, the Russian producer (after speaking to the now ex-PM of Slovakia) alleged this as fake news and
  5. requested return of the whole delivery on the ridiculous ground that in a breach of sales contract the vaccine was put to test by a 3rd party lab.

Source of the latest points:

Well. Personally, I totally agree with the view that the conditions and scrutiny for admitting this vaccine shall be the same as for other producers, but Russian producer thinks otherwise and thereby withholds important information. They obviously try to force other countries to use this on the basis of plain belief that it works as marketed. And these antics about requesting it to be sent back, well… If they fully refund it too, I guess it should be OK. We learned something new about vaccine politics here though.

I also think this whole story will have further repercussions and reverberations in the upcoming debate with and in German govt which seems to be interested in this vaccine too. Certainly it’s not a very good marketing there. Let’s see what the German regulator says…

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@FailForward if any of the vaccines contained 5G brain control microchips, I know which one


1) Ha-ha, classic.
2) Ha-ha, I live here.
3) Oh fuck, I really do live here, don’t I?..

On a serious note, the propaganda around vaccines is real, there are even speaker announcements in subway along the lines of “vaccinate, help to stop the spread of the virus”.

@academicalnerd Well, unfortunately this is being turned into a geopolitical influence weapon - from my PoV primarily Sputnik, but certainly not only that. I think that is very unfortunate. Ironically, the Russian agency finished their final tweet on this story like this: “1) screw you idiot!, 2) Together we are stronger.” What fun is this!

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