This is brave stuff: a clip from Russian Channel 1 tonight

Check the video in the link!

Whether true or not, I don’t know, but if it happened, brave lady there.

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It looks legit. I found a few recordings and news articles. Gives me hope.


UPD: it has, indeed, happened. My friend’s dad watched the news at that moment.

@FailForward This video’s crazy as well:
It doesn’t seem to matter if you’re pro or against…

@trinsec I read about that one, but seeing it is still surreal. Although I don’t get why they don;t pack the guy with the camera.

@FailForward Wondering the same. If they aren’t allowed to interview anyone, why have them there anyway?

@FailForward Except that those videos are now going worldwide…

@trinsec Well, weirder things happened in Russia already :-). But I am with you on this, it just does not make sense.

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