I remember that it was quite hard to build up a meaningful network on Twitter, so maybe I am just too impatient. But currently I do not see how to discover other users with a specific set of interests, without being able to their content.

No, for multiple reasons. Running a service is not at all what I am interested in. But even if, it couldn't solve the issue: AFAIK, it is systemic as part of the protocol rules between servers.
Ah, now I see, you mean running a m. server around my interests. Neither, I am looking for sth. more scalable.

@FroehlichMarcel you likely are impatient :) i just follow whoever favourites/boosts my posts, has worked quite well so far.

@FroehlichMarcel I agree, the federated nature of Mastodon leaves us wishing for a function like "find everything people say about X" (and with that all the people talking about it).

My understanding is that the reach of a search depends very much on how connected the Mastodon instance you search on is. If your instance has lots of accounts following lots of other accounts out there, that instance will have lots of posts in its search index.

@FroehlichMarcel However, when your instance only has few users which are only connected to a few others, then a search doesn't reach very far.

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