I come from graphs and want to better/deeper understand the netsci perspective. Any recommended primer? I got university level undergrad math skills at least.

@tiago Poles could be interpreted/visualized as coloring of vertices, right?

@tiago May I ask a basic network question?
Just read this def.: "A network is defined by a pair (V, Epsilon), where V is a certain set and Epsilon = {E0; E1, E2, ..} is a family of collection of elements from V. The elements in the sets Ei element of Epsilon can, in general, be repeated. The elements of V are called the vertices of the network, those of E0 its poles and the collections Ei, its edges." --- I can't find examples of networks with poles, to get a clearer understanding of /visualize the concept of a pole vs edges. Any links? Thanks in advance.

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And congrats for receiving the Erdős–Rényi award!
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