Hi, I did some stuff, worth showing:

a) Set up a gemini server
(using GCP free tier)

b) Set up a smart phone free of
Google and Apple services.

Read about the phone in my new gemlog on gemini://join.thejoyri.de 😀

Today I set up a new GAFAM free mobile phone using /e/OS and I am very pleased with the result.

Hi, in case you already discovered the small web - find me here:


If you don't know how to get there, here is some info:

Understanding :

Probably a good question ...
What is the correct of (directed) dependencies between mathematical , physical and agential and ?

I remember that it was quite hard to build up a meaningful network on Twitter, so maybe I am just too impatient. But currently I do not see how to discover other users with a specific set of interests, without being able to their content.

I understand that global search and indexing is intentionally kept in check for multiple reasons. Are there any (less comfortable) ways, like external search or whatever to discover stuff outside the local server or the people directly connected?

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How can I discover people in the fediverse interested in niche science content on certain topics, e.g. in the area of ?

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Is there a way to whitelist languages and/or hashtags to get a more customised selection of others’ content?

So this is the chicken egg problem for Mastodon for long tail topics. Obvious stuff like open source works well, but specialized science topics are hard. But I understand that it is an intentional design decision that saves people from the mob and from trolls.

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Mastodon does not offer federated full text search on what people posted, right? Compared to Twitter that makes it much harder to find people on niche topics.

A good background text on algorithmic information theory can be found here:


The key idea is that complexity can be best captured by the length of the most concise description of the regularities of a thing.

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To understand, what Krakauer means with “regularised randomness” and “frozen accidents”, read


by Murray Gell-Mann, 1995


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Recently a proof was constructed, showing that perfect obfuscation is possible.
I.e. if some organisms eventually manage(d) to pull off this trick, others wouldn‘t even notice.


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This is the basic mechanism to for complexity to unfold: adversarial arms race.

How parasites expand the computational landscape of life

by Luís Seoane and Ricard Solé


"host-parasite co-evolution can ignite an explosive race of increasing complexity ..."

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