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Cryptographic Nature

by David Krakauer, 2015

„… various forms of regularized randomness, historically encrypt adaptive dynamics.“

Why is leaving the Google and Apple mobile ecosystem a thing?

Because, even if you opt out of whatever the OS offers, you are still leaking data to them at an unacceptable rate.

An efficient and tracking free advertising is possible!
For that, we will have to do without cookies, but also without the "FLoC" introduced by Google... Learn more about Qwant's position on #FLoC on #betterweb

For my blog, I just configured Cloudflare to suppress .

No sure, if it changes anything, as @github (hosted on github pages) seems to take a stance against FloC, too.

Having discussions tied to the document discussed, instead of in threads on Twitter or Mastodon, helps consolidate the conversation and keep it off notification channels, which are less than ideal for this purpose.

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So here is an experiment:

I created a copy on the web in my SOLID POD from the arXiv-vanity HTML rendering:

I propose to use (browser plugin) to add collaborative comments on this paper, directly. Go!

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Reasoning in Non-Probabilistic Uncertainty
Logic Programming and Neural-Symbolic Computing as Examples

by TR Besold, A d’Avila Garcez, K Stenning, L van der Torre, M van Lambalgen, 2017


Over the next weeks I will gradually retweet a selection of my science content from Twitter. Stay tuned.

It is just a logical shadow of human reasoning, but that is fine. I think the idea to engineer minds is deeply problematic and a very questionable goal.
We should rather seek to improve human coordination.

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Induction + symbolic causal prediction + global coherence constraints

THIS is the 1st approach I'v ever seen, that smells like AGI.

R Evans, J Hernandez-Orallo, J Welbl, P Kohlia, M Sergot

Making sense of sensory input


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