Hi, I did some stuff, worth showing:

a) Set up a gemini server
(using GCP free tier)

b) Set up a smart phone free of
Google and Apple services.

Read about the phone in my new gemlog on gemini://join.thejoyri.de 😀

Today I set up a new GAFAM free mobile phone using /e/OS and I am very pleased with the result.

@muppeth It is not only browsers. To go really off-grid, the best option is to use Gemini space for personal stuff.

It is installed. Not a task for people w/o expertise in everything Linux command line etc. Didn’t work immediately, as it required a specific version of the Android platform tools for Linux. But the result looks very promising. Probably the key step to escape tracking.

@AmpBenzScientist @freemo the ideal would be to allow fedi crawlers and reject the rest. But that granularity is probably not on the menu so far.

@AmpBenzScientist @freemo Thank you @freemo, probably not. Just had to learn about the boundaries Mastodon sets on indexing across servers.

@duncanhart I am thinking about setting up a very bare bone forum for family. This one is to my taste:

@guilevi Are you aware of @ImageAltText on Twitter? It auto generates the alt texts to any image. I have no knowledge about how well it works, but might be worth to explore.

Hi, in case you already discovered the small web - find me here:


If you don't know how to get there, here is some info:

@bonifartius @fedisearch

Got it, some things don't change.

"What we want is not freedom but its appearances. It is for these simulacra that man has always striven."

(Emil Cioran, On the Heights of Despair, 1934)

@rgx @fedisearch HI Rob, what happened to it. Looks like what I am missing.

Understanding :

Probably a good question ...
What is the correct of (directed) dependencies between mathematical , physical and agential and ?

No, for multiple reasons. Running a service is not at all what I am interested in. But even if, it couldn't solve the issue: AFAIK, it is systemic as part of the protocol rules between servers.
Ah, now I see, you mean running a m. server around my interests. Neither, I am looking for sth. more scalable.

I remember that it was quite hard to build up a meaningful network on Twitter, so maybe I am just too impatient. But currently I do not see how to discover other users with a specific set of interests, without being able to their content.

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