Cryptographic Nature

by David Krakauer, 2015

„… various forms of regularized randomness, historically encrypt adaptive dynamics.“

This is the basic mechanism to for complexity to unfold: adversarial arms race.

How parasites expand the computational landscape of life

by Luís Seoane and Ricard Solé

"host-parasite co-evolution can ignite an explosive race of increasing complexity ..."

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Recently a proof was constructed, showing that perfect obfuscation is possible.
I.e. if some organisms eventually manage(d) to pull off this trick, others wouldn‘t even notice.

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To understand, what Krakauer means with “regularised randomness” and “frozen accidents”, read


by Murray Gell-Mann, 1995

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A good background text on algorithmic information theory can be found here:

The key idea is that complexity can be best captured by the length of the most concise description of the regularities of a thing.

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@FroehlichMarcel I reposted because I forgot about the Open nature of this platform. I'm glad that you saw it. This is just one big community. Thank you for posting.

@FroehlichMarcel interesting, but bit too complex for me just at this minute 🙂

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