How do you deal with involuntary hesitation?

I have course book open in front of me but my body is physically resisting. I feel like I have to fight my body to be able to just sit down and study.

What is this internal resistance?

@hrisskar @Full_marx OMG, look who is back, welcome! 😃

I would say it's not a Body thing, what you refer to, but a Mind one. Which wants to wonder, jump thru the loops and investigate the nooks of the Internet rather than sit down and settle to try to rerad and understand that text book.

More and mroe our attention spans get damaged by the information overload. Less is many times More, we have sometimes too much info and that is part of the difficulty in settling down for hours and read (maybe actually enjoy) a book, a novel, etc.

I like to refer to this very a propos article on The Atlantic :

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