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If you could watch an individual water molecule, about once in 10 hours it would do this!

As it bounces around, every so often it hits another water molecule hard enough enough for one to steal a hydrogen nucleus - that is, a proton - from the other!

The water molecule with the missing proton is called a hydroxide ion, OH⁻. The one with an extra proton is called a hydronium ion, H₃O⁺.

This process is called the 'autoionization' of water. Thanks to this, roughly one in ten million molecules in a glass of water are actually OH⁻ or H₃O⁺, not the H₂O you expect.

And this explains why water conducts electricity so well. Let's watch.


Hopefully, this shows aspiring grad students and early career researchers that:
- you can change subfields within a broad domain
- you may want to work with advisers (esp. Asst Profs) who are enthusiastic, supportive, and have time for you (they will be big names later on!)
- faculty positions aren't the be-all and end-all for research careers (though they can be very cool)

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While i have been in #airquality #pollution research for 20+ years now, my specialization has changed multiple times out of choice or necessity. Short thread: 1/5

Harlan Crowe has the ultimate billionaire status symbol...his very own Supreme Court Justice.

Clarence Thomas acknowledges trips with billionaire Harlan Crow in financial disclosure:

59 years ago today, Griswold v. Connecticut guaranteed the right to birth control.

Justice Thomas says the Supreme Court should "reconsider" that ruling.

And this week, 38 GOP senators voted against the Right to Contraception Act.

Republicans are coming for birth control.

Decades ago, Kris Hansen showed 3M that its #PFAS chemicals were in people’s bodies.

Her bosses halted her work.

As the #EPA now forces the removal of the chemicals from drinking #water, she wrestles with the secrets that 3M kept from her and the world.

Hear Kris in her own words:

So for those of you who missed it, I am hiring for fully remote positions worldwide, everything from Jr. to Sr. Programmers and Data Scientists.

Our company mission is ML related but we are currently in stealth mode, but we are well funded and have about 15 employees now and looking to hire abou 15 more.

The company is ethics and open-source first company, you can see the link to the website below. It also donates time from its employees for non-profit open-source projects heavily.

We can especially use NLP expert at the moment as well as good programmers who know Java, Linux, and hopefully comfortable being a polyglot.

You can see all our positions here as well as some details for how to apply:

If you feel you are a fit we guarantee everyone an interview. We also offer the opportunity to make some money on the interview even if you dont get the job (through open-source bounties).

If you want to schedule an interview you can use the following link:

If you can’t find any time slots that work for you we have our extended hours link below:

“What would be informative: A minute or two of unedited video showing Trump’s rambling, incoherent and deranged rants. Rather than merely “fact check” the nonsense blizzard, reports can explore the unprecedented nature of his rhetoric, illustrate the deterioration in his thinking and speech, and discuss how an obviously irrational and unhinged leader casts a spell over his devoted following.” How to report on the election

“And instead of endless harping on President Biden’s age, some honest comparison between the disjointed, frightful interview responses from Trump and the detailed, policy-laden answers from Biden in Time magazine’s two interviews might illuminate the obvious disparity in acuity. Strained comparisons between the two become farcical as Trump unravels further.”

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🚨 Sea ice across the Hudson Bay (Canada) is observing a historic spring with record early losses of #Arctic sea ice...

Each line represents one year from 1979 (purple) to 2023 (white). 2024 is in red. Data from the NSIDC using the passive microwave satellite record.

Receiving lavish gifts from donors and openly supporting insurrectionists aren't typically behaviors we expect of Supreme Court justices. Yet here we are. With no indication the Court intends to actually police itself, it's long past time for reform. Your move, Congress.

This is the first step toward our vision of a future, massive "Greater #Yellowstone Ecosystem International Dark Sky Reserve" that would encompass well over 10 million acres (>40000 km2) of territory in the U.S. states of #Wyoming, #Idaho and #Montana.

#DarkSkies #Conservation

Oregon tide pools struggle to cope with climate change, study shows
John Ross Ferrara
~4 minutes

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Ocean life found in Oregon and Northern California’s tide pools is struggling to recover from a 15-year heat wave brought on by climate change, a new study conducted by Oregon State University researchers shows

#Oregon #USA #US #MassExtinction #pollution #ecology #environment #climate

50 billionaire families have already poured $600M+ into this year's elections — mostly in support of Trump.

That's only 0.6% of their total wealth. It essentially costs them nothing to drown our democracy in dark money.

The Roberts Supreme Court is the worst since the shameful days of Roger Taney’s Supreme Court.

Alito, Thomas, Roberts, and the three Trump appointees are Republican partisan hacks.

We need radical reform — and we need it the moment Dems regain control of Congress.

Hello people of the US, Germany here.

We have a bit of experience with a convicted felon and radical right-wing extremist becoming leader of our country.

Our advice: Don't do it.

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