“Alright, got my projects done, but there’s a little bit left on my plate. Better take a day, recharge, and then tackle this final bit with more energy.”

The “little rest day” that is about to become a “little rest week”

Ok grammarly, go ahead, tell me my thesis proposal is "a bit bland" one more time

Alright, semester is almost over, time to cram except instead of studying for exams its just thesis proposal, projects for courses I missed.

In other news apparently we're unionizing? Undergrads? Lesgo???? Of course though, I didn't apply for next year because of course I didn't.

Man music doesn’t hit like it used to. All of my recs are just like “hey asshole I know you just listen to video game tracks while you work, so like, how about I only ever give you that for the next 5 years?”


Lol the musk man is claiming free speech behind the covid misinformation policy removal

brb gonna yell "your car's on fire!" at the next tesla I see

Except that would probably not be misinformation

Why am I on my fencing arc. Like. My brain just is no longer in control to get the thesis work going at all. It’s all just like “alright so if I go to the club over the break and I practice 3-4 times a week then this and that will happen”

My thesis is crying in the corner

Happy to be working instead of doing silly things like, you know, spending time with my family 😭

ig .

I am a Compsci & Psych major, senior year, looking to go to grad school for next year (prospects looking good!). I love probabilistic modeling (still trying to distinguish it from ML tbh), but am very new to it all. I work in a lab right now, and doing a thesis project.

I also love saber and my dream rn is actually getting together prediction models of fencers, still debating whether I want to look into local or top champs. When I'm not fencing, I'm rock climbing. But uh, rn school is sapping all of my time and energy :(

Loving mastodon a decent amount, however, that might be because I'm pseudo-anonymous so I can spew my leftist bullshit :)

If any of you nerds know if people talk about fencing on Mastodon send them my way, would love to connect. I cast doubt though.

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I have done a stats project on my beloved sport and I am immediately questioning my life choices. I want to drop out of everything, and facilitate betting for Fencing.

US Politics, Orange Man 

@kreig yeah it’s terrifying

US Politics, Orange Man 

@portmantony@writing.exchange @kreig dummy with politics, but could DeSantis pardon Trump? I could see it as a plea to not be 3rd party on the ballot. I don’t really know the limit on how far a pardon can go

#birdapp DOWN 

@obi @lavenderlens same here! must be regional?

@ChonkyCat @stux Yeah is anyone like, supposed to use that? One of the 800k. Guess I did find this post through it but lol it's like too much for my brain

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