@IntegralDuChemin How do we prevent that and still protect the life of the unborn child as well? I a not justifying abortion be completely illegal, but any sane law puts a time limit on how long abortion is allowed, past that point women would need to resort to back alley abortions since it is illegal. How do we address both sides of this concern?

@freemo I argue here with danger to the woman's health. In nearly every Western state there is an exception allowing abortion up to birth if the mother's health is at risk - and this includes mental health. A woman who would go any limit even up close to birth is in serious mental distress and under this exception abortion short until viability should be free as a choice. This point may seem radical but it covers very few cases in reality.

@IntegralDuChemin Im not sure i agree that murdering an unborn child is a viable solution to slightly decreasing the risk to the woman (in the cases of distress).

If there is a true medical emergency that puts the woman's life at extreme risk i could see this.

But if our goal is to prevent suffering and death of innocence then that stance doesnt only not accomplish that goal but it works against it.

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