Any idea on how to meet lesbian geek girls? Preferably polyam?

@IntegralDuChemin Have you tried being a decent human being and approaching them like equals? I hear that's their kink!

@freemo :D
The question is not how to approach them but how to increase the likelihood of meeting them 🙂
I'm most of the time surrounded by guys in the hacker scene

@freemo But no, I always look at those ladies like they were aliens and just came from Venus. I begin by saying "omg, you are a WOMAN!1111" and then I complain about their use of ubuntu and such
Well that was at least my experience from my first hacker camp...

@freemo And this is why I surely will treat any woman I meet exactly the same way. What you're a girl? Can I touch your boobs? Do you wanna hook up with me? Can I buy you a drink? Have you seen my new whatever $gadget? They love this so much I'm sure they will elect me president of the United States of Europe <3

And of course everytime I meet a lady I tell them why they are likely to live in poverty later. And how they deserve it for not being a better slave to their husbands who discarded them for a younger model. In the end I might even grab them by da pussy like POTUS claims to do.

@freemo Only exception - females in power. They don't deserve to be raped by me 'cause they look like shit - free after Bolsonaro, speaker for all rapists

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