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I should probably do a proper introductory toot, seeing that more and more people are making the move from the avian to the proboscid side of the internet...

So, 馃憢

I'm a zoologist and a science communicator, from Poland, based in Oxford, UK. Currently, I split my time between (Senior Lect at Uni London) and public engagement (at University), I also do freelance in both Polish and English.

Oh, and I wrote a (non-fiction, about animals, not for kids unless you're happy to do your own explanations of awkward sex stuff):

What I like:
- facts and factoids
- as the main mode of transport
- teaching

What I dislike:
- pictures of fake animals posing as the real deal
- lack of public transport infrastructure
- scary movies

Pic 漏 2022 Greg Blatchford

Czy policzyli艣my wszystkie zwierz臋ta na naszej planecie? Ile globalnie potrzeba pieni臋dzy, 偶eby ochroni膰 ptaki przed wygini臋ciem? Sk膮d ponownie wzi臋艂y si臋 dziki w Wielkiej Brytanii? Na te i inne pytania odpowiadam w podca艣cie Nauka XXI wieku.

It's the first phone I bought in 7 years, and only my second ever new (as in, not a hand-me-down) one. Three things about it make me happy:
1) it's a : fixable, sustainable technology,
2) it's de-googled, so no third-party snooping, and
3) "murena" means moray eel in Polish.

One downside: the income tax on it (thank you, ).

Might make a couple final tweaks, but I'm pretty happy with this.

I present you: "This is fine", a diorama built from a single piece of paper.


#PostDoc alert! The #Biodiversity and #Conservation Biology research unit offers a 2-3 year position in plant diversity spatial #modelling in the framework of the Biodiversa+ project. Interested? Apply here:
#ScienceJobs #PostdocPosition



Just learned that Dutch scientists left a hamster wheel outside in 2014 and saw that tons of wild mice used it just for fun as well as frogs and slugs? All the creatures of the forest wanted a turn?? Absolutely phenomenal


I worked on an article with colleagues for the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Climate Science but you'll never see it because it's behind a paywall. We should have just edited #Wikipedia instead. Let's normalize putting Wikipedia edits on CVs.

1,600 bats fell to the ground during Houston's cold snap. Here's how they were saved - After hundreds of Mexican free-tailed bats went into hypothermic shock during the city's recent cold snap, they lost their grip and fell. But they found a temporary home: the attic of Mary Warwick. #npr

Born on this day, December 27:
Marlene Dietrich, actress (1901-1992), here looking smashing in costume during the filming of The Spoilers (1942).
Happy #BicycleBirthday, Marlene!

#OnThisDay, 28 Dec 1918, Constance Markievicz becomes the first woman to be elected as a British MP. In line with Sinn Fein policy, she does not take up her seat at Westminster.

She was also serving time in Holloway prison for her part in the Easter Rising.

More here:

#WomenInHistory #BritishHistory #IrishHistory #VotesForWomen #histodons #history #WaybackWednesday

We decided to do the Xmas Puppy thing! Everyone, meet Archie! Playfull little scamp. Hope he doesn't grow too much bigger.

Oooo I love this.

So often when large, charismatic megafauna are causing issues (bear, wolves, and so on), people want them relocated, not killed.

Guess what. There's no place like home, and animals come BACK. Like this bear who trekked across FOUR STATES

Team bear. And team Don't let them get this way in the first place. #teamtrash #pests

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