So far at the GOP Convention:

Sen Ron Johnson said he read the wrong speech when he attacked the Democrats

Speaker Mike Johnson’s teleprompter glitched & he angrily walked off stage

A band started playing Super Loud music for 45 minutes & they couldnt figure out how to turn the volume down

Rudy Giuliani tripped & fell

Matt Gaetz attacked Kevin McCarthy

Tim Sheehy attacked US citizens who use pronouns

Trump shows up with Kotex on his ear

And some people want these incompetent motherfuckers to run our country. Absolutely fucking mind-boggling


Interesting distribution of the wettest days. 36% of the 11 wettest days in Toronto occur in July. cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/rai

Via Timothy Snyder:

Got all the way through the Constitution and did not find the provision whereby the South African oligarchs select the vice-presidential nominees on behalf of the Russian dictator.

Is there an irony bone in the body that can be surgically removed from #authoritarian fascists?

So that they do not sense or recognize irony at all!?

From: @talia_christine

This article nicely sums up the problem with journalism (or at least what passes for journalism in Postmedia newspapers. Whether Alberta does or doesn’t give more to the country than they receive is a measurable fact. Do they make any attempt to measure that fact in this article? Nope. edmontonjournal.com/news/polit

👉🏼 President #Biden is finalizing plans to endorse major changes to the Supreme Court in the coming weeks, including proposals for legislation to establish term limits for the justices and an enforceable ethics code, according to two people briefed on the plans. #SCOTUS


Trump hasn’t even reached out to the man that died at his rally. #DiedForStupidity.
He doesn’t care about his voters. They’re so fucking stupid.

President Biden reached out to the widow,
She refused his call because she said her husband would not condone it - and she is a Trump supporter. But she did not blame Biden for the shooting, nor does she have any ill-will toward him.

But the kicker? She said Trump had yet to reach out to her.

Respectfully, enough of this 'bad day' nonsense. It's a great day! Trump chose J. D. Vance, an absolutely terrible VP candidate. His corrupt judge has completely screwed the pooch. The RNC convention is a hate fueled horror show. They are completely overplaying their hand. Ignore the media. We, the people, will decide this election. Carry on! We got this!

I get so many replies from people who live outside of the US, from all over the world (as well as right here in Canada from people we engage with face to face) asking, “How did this happen in the US?”

I give them the same response I gave Mr. Laffy when he asked why I wanted to move to Canada:

Trump has the courts. Despite other ways to try to counter, it’s the courts that make this feel so damn insurmountable.

But we still never give up. EVER.

What is more disturbing is that the company says it may not have money to fix the environmental damage. No mining should be allowed any where in Canada unless a full restoration bond is in place.
Otherwise a subsidy to the mining industry #cdnpoli


Canada’s worst case oil/gas scenario is a taxpayer’s nightmare

Industry cheerleaders are too busy pimping for more gas, more LNG and more crude oil to bother thinking about how it might all go horribly wrong...for Canadian taxpayers.
#ABleg #OOTT #cdnpoli

Via Meidas Touch:

Kristen Welker spent her show hammering President #Biden for accidentally getting names wrong and asking if Biden should step aside, and then moments later she called President Biden 'President Trump.'


Went to the grocery store today in the middle of an extreme heat warning. 3 vehicles just idling in the parking lot, empty, to keep the AC pumping.

We’re hooped.

#Climate #ClimateEmergency #Edmonton #Alberta #Canada

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