If you are following me, I will most certainly follow back. But I just found out that so many new / users follow first & then unfollow after I follow them :)

@Karthikdeva Thats odd, I never had that problem. Usually when it happens its because someone just doesnt like your politics. People here dont seem to care much about follower count.

@freemo It happens a LOT in Indian twitter. People do this to increase their followers count :(

@Karthikdeva Shame. I only follow people who engage me and i routinely prune.

@Karthikdeva that's a very insincere action in my view, I feel like gain follower didn't mean people like to talk with you. If one person has a lot of followers but they didn't communicate with each other, in that way it just a number show how many times people clicked the following function ( I feel like I made it more difficult to understand 😅)

@Sphinx I agree. Celebrity culture is common in a country like India and everyone wants to be one :ablobpeekjohnny:

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