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I been thinking about what’s the purpose of social media, like mastodon or twitter.
a. Keep the news or information up to date.
b. Try to find some good connections
c. Share what’s in your mind.

which one is fit for you when you on social media?

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Wake up at 5:30am plan to go out for exercise

It's going to raining all day.

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My illustration of the Glacier National Park, inspired by one of their public domain photos.

Lake St. Mary, Glacier National Park
Reference: David Restivo, NPS

#mastoart #art #illustration #DigitalArt

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Just have a glance on

It listed in the suspended list because of "choosing to federate with fascist instances."


Technically speaking, each new instance could be fascist instances, unless you see and verify it, so I guess in this case, what you need/want is a whitelist, not a blacklist.

So in defense of qoto, I'd say no one can represent me, and my opinion (including Chinese governments and other companies, that's why I deleted Weibo in 2014 and now moved from Twitter to mastodon, after Musk purchased twitter). If there is a fascist instance, I have to see it in my eye and block it with my own hand. It's much different from admins "helping" me block it, especially without notifying me.

Recovery console, i never heard about it.

I finally have one post that @khird liked

Despite of all the grammar errors.😅

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The instances about mastodon has never been really keep connect to each other.
Because of each domain controller have their own opinion based on where they are, this could be because of their physical location or their mindset and vision. blocked located in JP, the biggest mastodon instance) media function.

This is just one of examples,

If you ask me why this is happening? Because we are human being, it's OK have different opinions sometime.

The bright side is every boat is going to the same direction. We keep connected one way or another.

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Love doesn’t have to be perfect,

But need be honest.

Right now just throat hurt temperature 99.1F( I grew up with C, the F one I have no clue, as long as under 100F is good?)

My wife is little panicking now we sleep in different room last night, she test negative so far)

At 10am I have appointment with drive through test, I been told that one is more accurate.

Thank you for those left a comment here, you're the reason that keep me at mastodon (Qoto)

5:18 AM

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Test positive for covid


Keep the mask on everyone!

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Hi friends, I’m Josh. I’m a software engineer and Ruby developer at heart. I love open source and the open web and currently build tools for developers at a company that I cofounded. My Mastodon claim to fame is that I made the little keyboard shortcuts legend that you see when you type ?.

I love books and consider myself a lifelong learner. At this moment, I’m particularly concerned about information literacy, online disinformation and conspiracy theories, and violent extremism. I’m actively studying and exploring constructive solutions to those issues in my spare time.

My favorite things are books, computers, photography, and musical instruments (piano and bass mainly). My favorite people are my family, friends, colleagues, and you (you there, behind the screen).

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