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# Introduction

Hi. Everyone. it’s an honor be here and thank you for having me. I was born in China and now live in the western country The reason I choose this instance because:
1. have full search function that include the word you toot
2. Connected to almost all the instance
3. The word limited for one toot is huge;

(I thought this is an introduction for you) :)
I used to be an IT admin in my company. And currently learning .
I like to make friends but based on respect each other. welcome to talk with me in Chinese or English
(my English name isn’t Sphinx because it’s too cool for an English name)

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Every day @users posts some reports similar to this one - here are some annotations to help you understand why they have the shape they do.

tagging @freemo since he's mentioned in the image

today is my first day of work after 5 months from last job

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already saw people put pumpkin out today.


How are you doing today?

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I did not know QOTO's default theme is so creative
:qoto: :qoto2:

when do you know your car need change Oil and oil filters?🚓

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has anyone tested talk in videoconference with, say, 15 people? Maybe @khird ? How does it behave, compared to say skype or teams or jitsi (which is terrible IME with over 10 people)?

I'm reading that over 5 people it's not very efficient, but I'd like some opinion


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