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# Introduction

Hi. Everyone. it’s an honor be here and thank you for having me. I was born in China and now live in the western country The reason I choose this instance because:
1. have full search function that include the word you toot
2. Connected to almost all the instance
3. The word limited for one toot is huge;

(I thought this is an introduction for you) :)
I used to be an IT admin in my company. And currently learning .
I like to make friends but based on respect each other. welcome to talk with me in Chinese or English
(my English name isn’t Sphinx because it’s too cool for an English name)

my study journey at freecodecamp. to be continued

What language tho?

(came from twitter@TC_Johnson)

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Does anybody know how to move this red ❌ away? the output is correct. just confusion.

Does iOS 14 arrive? I didn’t receive on my iPhone :iphonex:

Does anybody know why the number is different? There are 12 people delete their account?

I just installed Line on my cellphone and desktop. Nobody on my contact list so far. I do not know why I installed them.

Today people in Texas don’t need to go to work because of Juneteenth.

Feel good after figuring out how to use You-Get to download videos online
(need to use python and FFmpeg).

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@Phaedrus @perceptivemind @Sphinx it's from a blocklist where some instance was "banned for cuteposting" so someone changed their name to "banned for <silly>" and ta-da a meme was born
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I am proud to announce that @Sphinx is now officially the latest new member of the moderation team.

Everyone please extend a warm welcome to sphinx, we are very happy to have him on the team!

Can you guys curve your tongue? I can not
like in the picture.

the weather is good outside today. but It will be rainy on Thursday as the weather forecast said

I notice a lot of people using pinafore now

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Well looks like @Sphinx passed the nominations for moderator. He had several nominations, including by all staff members, and no opposition.

I will make an official announcement shortly but looks like he is going to be a new moderator here!

@design_RG @arteteco

I will give the answer about the vote tomorrow or later today.

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