Just got the time to watch 'Mr Robot's recent episode.
Can't believe this is the final season. Some of my favorite dialogues (that i could find easily on the internet)

@_lunawinters @Karthikdeva Great quotes. Something that begs to be on a book for careful thinking about it.

Aaditi, pick your episodes here:

@_lunawinters @Karthikdeva Yes, not supposed to, but it is.

Some other sites are sketchy, but this one seems clean and doesn't force you to buy access or do any other things. The programme aired on commercial networks in USA, and I am not sure if it is on netflix atm or not. Great show.

You are very welcome.

Maybe look for "A Discovery of Witches" to watch too, once you have time?

I love that series. Edit: here!


@_lunawinters But final season is not on Indian Amazon Prime site yet.
Rami Malek (This year Oscar winner for Actor in leading role) is the protagonist for this show. Give it a try :)

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