I keep getting into this weird mindset like, I have to draw a certain way or process otherwise it's WRONG and I quit before finishing ;;;; I know I have the artistic freedom to draw whatever tf I want, but still feels wrong and idk why

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" the more you do , you more you can do"

i like this one :blobsmilehappyeyes:

I've learned that a lot of life lessons are mainly, "I should've just bit the bullet"

How's everyone's day going?
I finally got some chores done, walked my doggo, and collected enough motivation to do homework!

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I'm taking a class on how to teach and haha yikes teaching is difficult. I only have to focus one student at a time currently, idk how the heck teachers work a 20+ classroom

I'm waiting at the bus stop and there's this man yelling at his own feet

I did my first Krav Maga class on Wednesday and I learned how to get out of a choke hold, kick/push someone back a couple feet, some dodges, and hitting. Felt so good. Since then I've been working out more and my goals are gettin those thicc arms. I got stalked last week from this guy harassing me on the bus, I'm tired of this shit and that's not gonna fly anymore

Hello! I'm new to Mastodon. I like to paint, get distracted easily, and hang out at cafe's!

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