@lil В средней полосе РФ - лето. В Черногории - любое кроме лета.

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craba.cab/@cybertailor подписалась,
оскорбилась от моих постов, отписалась и кинула на меня жалобу... МНЕ.
Вот для чего нужен собственный инстанс. Кому чё не нравится - тот просто идёт на хуй!

#freedom #fedi

@risto > За минимальное вмешательство государства в жизнь граждан (но не либертарианство)

Но ведь минархизм это сорт либертарианства, не?

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Yup, it's true. Firefox 128 includes new adtech features that are opt-in by default and announced with very little fanfare, so most people might not even know they're there. :blobcatverysad:

Well, this is me telling you they're there. You might want to go ahead and take a minute to opt out.

Here's the little helpful explainer from Mozilla about how it all works:


My read seems to be: Mozilla says website surveillance is generally bad and should be defended against. Cool. No notes. Firefox actually has a lot of nice anti-tracking and privacy features there and that's the main reason why I like Firefox.

But, and I swear I'm not even joking a little bit here, Mozilla goes on to say that advertisers might be happier if Firefox itself just tracked you directly and sent activity reports back to them.

Doesn't that sound great?

Now, to Mozilla's credit, they claim to anonymize the activity reports. And you can still meaningfully opt out of the whole system.

But WTF, mate?! I use Firefox *because* it fights against adtech. Or at least it used to. Now, Mozilla just lets adtech right in the front door and hopes you won't notice? :blobcat_thisisfine:

Well, we noticed. Mozilla is damage and we need to route around it.

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Me: Tf this thing keeps crashing?..
earlyoom [1]: *Whispers.* Hi, I'm here
Me: Let's check the syslog...
earlyoom: Noooo... I'm here...
Me: Hm... Nothing suspicious... Let's google it.
earlyoom: *Kills the browser* I SAID, I'M HERE.

[1]: github.com/rfjakob/earlyoom

@Cat @mo У меня без впн открывается.

#? @rf @ru
Норм агрегат чтобы не колоться? Думаю, может из TPU напечатать такое посегментно или из силикона отлить.

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This stale bot has been automatically marked as issue.

@AncientGood Купи на рутрекере, посмотри.

@blitdev @rf @773@mstdn.social @vertka Я например на свои машины хожу через ssh с алгоритмом XMSS.

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@rf@mastodon.ml @rf #foss #opensource
Подскажите, есть ли какой то форум или нечто подобное, куда люди далёкие от программирования (но способные помочь с дизайном, переводами и т.д.) могли бы предложить свои идеи? Спасибо

Can you tell me if there is a forum or something similar where people far from programming (but able to help with design, translations, etc.) could offer their ideas? Thanks

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