I need some Python code to choose x numbers from a set of y numbers and then give me all possible choices and permutations of that set. Help appreciated. The work itself is something else, this is just a tool so please spare me incentives to fully understand and program the code myself. I need the permutations for a mathematical problem which I want to solve and I don't want to do it by hand with paper and pen.
Please RT.

@LaFemmeQuiSourit @freemo If you will search how to code "factorial" ( then you are done (
You just need to know whether you want permutations wit repetition or not.

@LaFemmeQuiSourit @freemo
If I understand correctly, you just need the std lib
import itertools as it
y = [1,2,3,4,5,6]
x = 3
list(it.combinations(y, x))

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