Are you using Let's Encrypt?

If so you might be interested in acme-tiny. It is a 200 lines of code client to handle the installation and renewal of your LE SSL certs.

There is a one-time requirement to convert the account_key from JWK to PEM. After that everything can be automated through scripts & cron.

I like that acme-tiny is: standalone, small & so easy to review. Installable via Pip, apt-get and probably other package managers.

#Python #SSL #FLOSS FOSS #Debian

Anyone here who can recommend Mastodon accounts, instances or websites about hackers practicing ? @freemo

Es ist so peinlich. Inzwischen verteidigt die Antifa schon die CDU vor sich selbst. Ich glaub die wollen einfach nicht mehr. #lübcke

Anyone experienced with Cannabis or CBD taken for menstrual cramps?

I need some Python code to choose x numbers from a set of y numbers and then give me all possible choices and permutations of that set. Help appreciated. The work itself is something else, this is just a tool so please spare me incentives to fully understand and program the code myself. I need the permutations for a mathematical problem which I want to solve and I don't want to do it by hand with paper and pen.
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@uwu Auch meld 🙂 Wenngleich etwas verspätet

These companies could just as easily sell us machines that can be changed as we see fit. I've learned this running Linux on my laptop: Once you get going, it's quite awesome to be able to change out an OS every once and a while—try something new, get a bit of a facelift. And not just the prescribed version upgrade, but a pivot to another wacky community of developers. Another *philosophy* of computing. It's that comparative philosophy, really that the monopolies are holding us back from.

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@freemo Hey, could you boost this introduction?

I am the woman who laughts 🙂 My interests are history, politics, IT and programming as well as mental health and biochemistry of psychoactive substances. I toot in German and English 🙂

@schokopflaster Nimm etwas Vogelfutter und eine Samenmischung für Wildblumen :)

@catalina Vielleicht nächsten Monat :-)
Muss ich mir mal merken

Der neu gewählte Vorstand der Fraktion Grüne/Europäische Freie Allianz:
Außerdem hat sich der Europaabgeordnete von Volt der Fraktion angeschlossen.
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