This was kinda long for my profile, so I am instead posting and pinning it so I can shorten my profile.

Very new here. I don't normally do the whole social media thing, but this fucking pandemic has me pissed off and bored, looking around places on the net that I normally wouldn't check out or care about. When I found This network with its many and varied instances, I just had to give it a look.

I will not apologize for being who I am but I do apologize if anything I say offends you. I don't typically want to offend anyone, but sometimes my fingers type before my brain thinks it thru. For that, I do apologize.

I don't know what I expect from this. I like to look at gifs, vids, and read stories. If you have some you want to share with me, please do. But please do NOT link me to sites that require paying or even supposedly free registration. I'm broke AF, even more so with the pandemic.

I'm a nerd girl. If you wanna get your tech freak on with me, you better not be talking about fucking Apple shit (unless you did something interesting with it like hacking an ancient Powerbook to run Linux lol) because I'm not interested in candy cane tech. Don't be asking me to code anything for you because I have a perceptual disorder that makes looking at code for more than a few minutes give me a headache. It's literally another language and I had a hard enough time with French and Latin.

I am also kinda spiritual (not religious) and I say kinda because it's different for everyone and I am rather eclectic. I can feel and sense energy from the world around me. I sometimes will use tarot cards to help my intuition contextualize that energy, but not often.

I'm rather weird, a little twisted, and kinda all over the place. I have lots of interests but what I like at any given moment depends on my mood at the time.

General Interests: Linux (mainly Kali and QubesOS) some gaming like ESO, technology in general I find fascinating. Computers, internet, mobile tech, tiny living, off-grid, prepper/survival info, hacking for learning not for profit. If I hacked for profit, I wouldn't be so broke.

I also have quite a pervy side that I have no shame about. I will, however, minimize it here as there are other instances just for that so I can always make an account there.

Do NOT talk to me if you are a bigot. In other words, don't be a racist, sexist, homophobe, politician, etc. I welcome open-minded discussion, but that's not possible if you have a closed mind.

I may add more here later.

@LittleWytch I really enjoyed reading this on your profile yesterday, glad to have an insighful and interesting person on board. Thank you!

@LittleWytch Does Apple tech become interesting if it's early 90s MacOS being played with for retro-nostalgia and I'm interested in programming something new for it?

...because they certainly were *trying* to make it candy-cane tech as they saw it at the time and, if I can ever justify the space and cost to get an old 680x0 mac, System 7 holds a special place in my heart from the Mac SE that my father brought home from work sometimes.

Here are a couple of examples of what I mean:

@ssokolow that sort of stuff is interesting.. i grew up with the LCII and then a Performa... I hacked the open firmware on a PowerBook 3400c to make it run Debian including the hot swap drives lol. One thing i miss from system 7 and 8 was the Oscar the grouch trash extension lol.

"Oh I looooove trash!"
"I love it, because it's traaash!"

@LittleWytch Sadly, I was never socially connected enough to get that kind of neat stuff during that period. I just had a handful of floppies that my father brought home, including a couple full of games like Spacestation Pheta and Risk.

I did, however, discover that Apple didn't anticipate users thinking in non-technical directions as well as they thought. I think it might have been MacOS wouldn't find files if you categorized your System folder into nice, tidy subfolders.

@LittleWytch That said, Oscar the Grouch *was* one of my favourite Sesame Street characters, so it really is a shame that I *didn't* have that extension back then.

Speaking of theming, it's also a shame that I don't think I have backups of most of the Microsoft Plus! themes I downloaded from sites like Tucows.

The best I can do is the Windows 98 SE boot option in this setup, which replicates one tasteful way I themed my desktop in the mid 90s.

@ssokolow I found a video of the extension at work if you don't wanna try to hunt it down. I also have a special present for you from my old mac day that surprisingly still exists.


link 1 for classic os stuff:

the main site:

and lastly... i found it... i can't believe i managed to dig this out of the internet lol. you will need aladin or stuffit expander (ancient mac version of win zip to expand the .sit file tho.)

expand it, place it int he system extensions folder, reboot, then trash something lol.

@LittleWytch Wow. Thanks for putting all that effort into it. :)

@LittleWytch Should be. :)

For future reference, The Unarchiver can also unpack un-encrypted .sit files and the old open-source 1.10.1 CLI version even got ported to Linux. (It's in the package repositories of Debian-family distros as "unar", for example.)

...and, because my inner pedant won't shut up about it, Stuffit Expander served an equivalent role to WinZip, but it was not a version of it.

@ssokolow LUL. Of course you're right. It was role and not version I was referring to but I don't care too much about my wording when I'm that tired lol. Did not know that about Unarchiver tho... thanks for that tip <3

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