"Be kind, be respectful. Life is not a competition, nobody gets out alive, a little kindness goes a long way." - unknown


Nice quote but brutality pays!

Arguably things are sponsored institutionally [banks and gov for the main].

So yeah I really really like the sentiments here... but here is also some crystal clear fresh reality for those in happy-quote land (including me) and revision on reality... not to punish or make anyone sad, but make real problem-solving our happiness instead of accepting / ignoring / getting caught in the misunderstanding(s)...

Culture already starts to starve when any government chose where NOT to put the big pot of money we dump there every hour we work (as they take % cut from us and goes god knows where)... on an individual level the artists or craftsman, lover of anything dies - not because you don't care or disrespect your art opr nature or whatever, but the system doesn't support it or hardly funds it. <--- full stop, not much grows after that dot

With the money they CHOOSE for some things rather than other things, often measurably 0 or promising things and only filling their own pockets while making projects, the good things are dying if not dead.

Arguably keeping people alive is the good thing but nobody wants to do that on a personal level (paying each other in goodwill to all) or as a system default (where government takes massive %'s for organising our 'safety') and nothing near a much less conditional hoop jumping to what is the crazy level of conditionality we have now if you list what you need and have to agree with [agree with banks, I don't!].

The ultimatum and therefore competition (without dramatising it) is to face starving or do the jobs they design and hardly pay for while paying for increased housing (and that's just rent, forget buying now which is still rent in many ways anyway, never yours).

Your choice becomes this by-design and eventual ultimatum:

-Take up a suit and tie
-Take your camouflage suit and be a soldier.

(both are soldiers, both are financial in different ways of getting there, both achieve the same leverage of force and economic pressure).

Disclaimer - No hate here...

I really really like the sentiments of this quote and many things... where we the measurably good-to-do people or just un-evil would never it's so unfair and developed that way over time with everyone getting short-term benefit at the future's damage/cost. And the wise people (who know the traps and maybe even they didn't realise how bad it is) MUST NOW realise (if you care for your life) that to do "good" is about dying in that equation and find something like "understanding" in the mind that this system is cruel or inhuman and over time worse / nobody has control... and "you have to be cruel to be kind" which obviously doesn't work for your own children or yourself
Evil or defective by design / faulty by design / ignorance over time (however you want to represent the accumulation) IS ONLY to get the profit exchange instead of happiness)

From this bad wrapping, happiness doesn't exist or is more and more temporary- [ it's all self-perpetuating debt or energy exchange ]

Not getting money
Not being sponsored
= Not being alive
[at least dying out / needing to find another 'job'...

Because doing real good is anyway not a job... so now you can see how obvious it is or games inside another game to get massive profit / stealing energy / money.

Those that don't care or aim for money are not aiming for happiness at all.

SO.... yes be respectful... try not to compete BUT you are in this construct or sub-construct of fight club [financial fight club] forcing you to compete / sell everything (body and soul with it even indirectly)...

KNOWING THIS goes a longer way that thinking it's fair or nice tips which get steamrollered... literally.
People who never realised how evil / power-tripping by design it is. But over time, it is measurably just that.

Money is just one example of that where it's truly is money or your life
Often your money AND we'll take your life if you don't keep paying us more inflated prices.

Not having people who care and just follow... is terrible and only adds to evil. But measurable it's all toward a handful of things, and that is what we need to solve / break / remould / care for properly.

@freeschool wow... that's a lot. I gotta admit, walls of text that large make my eyes glaze over from input overload.

That said, what I was able to glean from it tells me one thing... you are thinking in "black and white" and not seeing any of the grey in the middle. You don't have to be just one way or just another. Yes you gotta take care of yourself, but that doesn't mean we have to beat anyone else down in the process.

I didn't paste that quote as a flowery idea or to try and change the world or anything like that. I did it to remind people that other people are not all that different from them.. .they are also just trying to live their lives, so why not help each other instead of getting all pissy about the color of ones skin or who's god has a bigger dick or whatever shit people fight over these days?

There is so much division and hate these days... people need to remember that we are all just people.. all the racial crap in the world for example... it pisses me off b/c there aren't different races.. we are all the fucking HUMAN RACE. The fact that there are people that can't see that...

I try to spread positivity rather than hate and anger. Someone's gotta do it, or we're all gonna be fucked in the end.

@LittleWytch All good with what you said.

The "glaze over from input overload." might be fair enough, but to get over the hill, many I feel have to train pushing that car up and then over the hill to reach places.

Not "black and white" is perfect or exact but yes the effect is the same so yes I'd go with that more than middle... as the reality is as I said Capitalism or death (again no drama, just choose bank or nothing, conforming and next to nothing etc.... black and white in that way).

So what I was mentioning and targetting somewhat is nice people... thinking it's sort-of-fair and just some bastards around (nooo all of them and us also as the mechanism of staying silent to get food / not be kicked out).

I like your approach and perhaps all is needed (no need for competition) so I was probably going for the wave hands in front of glazed eyes approach to the nice people who don't see it's all a trap / casino / unfair / uncaring managers... and every now and again some nice quotes too...

At this moment this all seems a bit different to spread positivity rather than hate and anger and that is the TLDR / I don't give a fuck (hidden type) where what you say about why "we're all gonna be fucked in the end" is not just about bastards... it's about YOU! (you plural / the people)... That glazed eyes, 'long text' and and the lack of responses are the best signals I know but actually I'm not judging you too much, just saying we in a pool of poor people... (not just financially and I'm even including those clever that can see people pissing into the water they swim in).... I guess I'd like to solve that... and not even need to convince f covert many others...

people still count in money...
(this means many things which even confuses me and while realistic, we have to snap out of that system)

All the stuff about "the color of ones skin or who's god has a bigger dick or whatever shit people fight over these days?" is a lot about money too... once everyone is in comfort all this becomes less about fighting and enjoying... but when already being raped by own system(s) and not knowing you (plural or any culture) wants to rage and destroy everything from lack of anything being straight / being in a tight spot / cornered. This is what gives government leverage and pretend power to do 'xyz' if people follow and still don't give what they promise.
That is also something to learn and come out of. But I guess people don't want to fight....

@freeschool Sorry to be the bearer of bad news mate, but you're barkin up the wrong tree with all of that.

I already get all of that and have been bitching about it since I learned to think for myself rather than parroting what the system wanted me to think.

My input overload had nothing to do with the content of the message and everything to do with how my mind processes things in different ways. Being autistic is a blessing and a curse in cases like this.

It means I can see things others might normally miss, understand things on an abstract level that might make no sense to anyone else or only to others that have seen some of the shit I've been through. But it also means that it HURTS that much more to see how broken things are and how few people seem to be trying to fix things.

My eyes glazed over because I was just rereading crap that I've been talking about since the early 90s mate. No real point in processing a wall of letters that just regurgitate the same drivel I used to spout. The difference is I've changed since I started thinking about all this kind of stuff.

Yeah, we need some pretty radical change. But that's not gonna happen from smacking down the people that try to be positive. Doing that just feeds back into the vicious cycle.

Friendly fire will happen sometimes, but it will happen far less often if you open your eyes and look where you're aiming mate.

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