Okay, I'm not usually one for posts, but here goes:

I grew up in the very conservative American Midwest and then moved to on my 18th birthday.

I love building more than I love playing them. I started my career with working on their first game (what later became the UFC series). I've since gone indie and released two by myself: (, a big game still in Early Access, and (, a little game built around the idea of gameplay driving music. I also released a fun little demo for a while back called (

I'm still building more games (and working on uFactory!) while paying the bills with drier work, hoping to eventually release a game that can grasp a chunk of the zeitgeist.

On here, I'll mostly be debating , (largely in the context of 's ), and general . My political leaning can most closely be described as "left-libertarian". I.e. Everyone deserves , consistent with the policy. I registered as a on January 7th, 2021.

Feel free to reach out. I'm happy to debate anyone in good faith.

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