Discussion of violence 

Honest question:

Why are works of (books, comic, animation, film) depicting or more offensive to more people and cause more calls to boycott or censorship than fiction depicting extreme or , when killing someone is universally regarded as worse than raping someone (morally worse) and criminal systems everywhere punish murderers more harshly than rapists (legally worse)?

Discussion of violence 

@tripu To a degree, the victim matters. Murder of a child *is* typically depicted as being just as heinous as pedophilia.
But depicting the murder of a soldier or a criminal is more acceptable, because that's the job they signed up for.

I think the other issue is that while most people would view depictions of rape or pedophilia with an appropriate reaction (horror), there are those who might seek it out for arousal purposes, and nobody wants to create porn for those people. You don't really have that issue with a gun battle in an action movie.

Discussion of violence 


OK, so

murder of a child > rape of a child


murder of a child > murder of an adult

I get that. But then, why do we behave as if

rape of a child > murder of an adult

and as if

rape of an adult > murder of an adult


Abominable as rape is, isn’t murder always worse?


Discussion of violence 

@tripu I think part of the problem is that, in our society, we consider murder to be a crime that can be committed against anyone… But rape is a crime committed only against the vulnerable (not in reality, but in perception). And it’s that element of taking advantage of the vulnerable that makes it especially heinous.

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