Seems like didn’t block Threads yet. Are there any plans to fix this? Source:


@PunaisetPimpulat Why would there be?

You can block them if you want.

@LouisIngenthron I thought it’s something the instance would have to do. Didn’t realize I can also do that on my own.

@PunaisetPimpulat Yep. If you see someone from a server you don’t like, click the three dots next to their name and then click the option to block their entire domain.

@LouisIngenthron @PunaisetPimpulat
why was asked by @LouisIngenthron ...
...because it's ownership and business model is against many of what people on Mastodon are about?

or I'd like to say the danger of being ok with has many reasons and originally why we came here and not T h r e a d s... so evolution of that natural means we need to guard against the same happening (a bit at the top level perhaps sometimes)

So that's the why... to be clearer, in a more extreme way read on...

Is it possible to block at server level and then individual users unblock for example? (just in theory)

We could blocks facebook owner stuff and then individuals unblock it - just for example

Good we can block it too, but many don't even know what's going on (so could/should be a vote - as I think there was, maybe a link to that or some info)...

Imagine it was a nazi owned thing where their lives and business is all about the Facebook-like raking / mining all data etc
(sorry for the standard 'nazi' jump) but global fascist-financial thing is not too far (so kind similar or worse than Nazi lol) but doesn't that bother you either for this topic or just as we go about future of our individual or QOTO's data?


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