Hello. I'm new to Mastodon and QOTO, and just wanted to introduce myself. I'm a nerd with fairly broad interests. In particular, I play a lot of JRPGs, and have a nice collection. Regarding my technical knowledge, I'm a Control Systems Engineer who does a lot of programming. My current silly project is trying to beat TiddlyWiki into my preferred project tracking app.

@Lwasserman Favorite JRPG?

I always like hearing about more wikis being developed. I've tried lots of them and MediaWiki is the only one powerful enough to be useful for me but also so powerful most of the time it isnt the right choice.

I hope one day we start seeing personal-wiki type apps more oriented towards note taking a single user applications with all the expression of mediawiki :)

@freemo Favorite...oh, that's a loaded question. As cliche as it is, FFVII has my favorite of all plot twists. The remake is probably gonna make me very sad. Outside of that, I've very fond of the Breath of Fire series, and several of the PS2 Shin Megami Tensei games.

@freemo TiddlyWiki has been used for all sorts of's just, to get it just how I want it, i have to do a lot of customizing. I'm almost there...but not quite.

@Lwasserman Yes it has, but from my expiernce (and its been a while) it didnt have the level of power I had with mediawiki. for most that isnt an issue of course.

@freemo Generally, I don't need much in the way of formatting. It's the searching and organizing that I'm working on. I need a note system that will let me sort by date or project, with the ability to quickly create new projects, automatically create new tiddlers for the current day, when I start typing, and support a TODO list. When I get it working, I was going to bundle the tiddler set for my coworkers. If you folks want, maybe I can release a link for it here, too?

@Lwasserman Please feel free to share, I'm sure there might be some interested folks here.

I've come to use Spacemacs/Vim/Emacs Org Mode for that.

@freemo Huh. Emacs has a mode for that? How does it store the entries? Textfiles? Database?

@Lwasserman Yes, though I'm not sure the steps it takes to go from vanilla Emacs to getting the Org mode plugin working. I use Spacemacs which is a rather advanced configuration for vanilla Emacs that includes things like Evil (meaning it emulates VIM in emacs). I dont know if Evil is needed to get Org Mode working or if Org Mode can work on its own directly. Either way since I am using Emacs as the base I can say Org Mode works on it.

It stores it as text files, readable in plain text much like a wiki would be. Also like a wiki allows you to link between org mode files and traverse the org mode file links as a graph/tree.

@freemo @Lwasserman I'm pretty sure it'll work on plain Emacs, though I'm brand new to this and haven't tried it yet. Didn't know Emacs lets you traverse through your org files like that, will have to give it a go. I've been using markdown and LaTeX as my only method of document production for a while now with Pandoc, so I love this kind of stuff.


The traversal I described is an additional plugin IIRC I installed it a while back


@Lwasserman Hello! I used to play a lot of JRPGs. Mainly my favourite one is Dragon quest VIII, and maybe Final Fantasy Tactics A2: grimoire of the rift. I still have my (semi) original Dragon Quest ps2 box!

@Lwasserman Greetings, I'm also new to Mastodon. I'm only a high school student so my technical knowledge is not of much depth as of yet. Welcome to the community. I look forward to seeing your projects :)

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