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Después de pasar toda esta angustia, lo único que nos falta es que la vacuna sea en supositorio.

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¿Qué hago? ¿Pongo la lavadora?

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Despite what the media wants you to think, the world has not stopped turning. Covering only one story, despite having more airtime than ever, is a failure of their duties. It is irresponsible and dangerous. Be alert.

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-Doctor, ¿es grave?.
-No, doctor es aguda, si fuese grave se pronunciaría dóctor, como en inglés.

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-José Joaquín, la curiosidad mató al gato.
-No tenemos gato, Conchi.
-Bueeno, pues cambia gato por perro y curiosidad por yo aparcando.

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**Corpses of the elderly found abandoned in Spanish care homes**

"Teams sent to disinfect nursing homes found elderly residents abandoned, and others dead in their beds."


#news #bot

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Buenos días! 🙋‍♂️
Es increíble. Uno se arriesga a ser infectado en el trabajo siendo grupo de riesgo mi mujer y yo y volviendo a la noche tras el trabajo me para la Policía Local de mi pueblo, y estando de uniforme bajo la cazadora, con mi tarjeta de identidad profesional, cena acabada y plástico con meriendas varias y el cerrtificado de empresa... me ponen pegas y que vengan reflejados los turnos.
No se enteran que podemos estar de un sitio a otro con diferentes turnos. Lamentable, encima esto!!

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Y para colmo la gente haciendo de policías.
Un poquito de coherencia no iría mal.

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A public service announcement -- a friend sent me an email with the info on this blog page. Pattern and instructions for home making your own masks, it looks likely that this will be a major issue very soon.

NY Times article I read mentioned that doctors in a Brooklyn, NY hospital were already being forced to re-use their disposable masks, due to lack of replacements.

Another NYT article quoted state procurement personnel saying that masks that usually sold for $0.85 each (85 cents USD) are not costing them about 7 dollars EACH. Profiteering is rearing its ugly head.

Consider making your own.


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hasta los cojones de floren.....pez
"L'exèrcit ha pogut veure en diverses residències a persones grans absolutament abandonades, quan no mortes, als seus llits", ha explicat. Davant d'aquests fets, assegura que seran "implacables i contundents".

Fonts de Defensa confirmen que han trobat aquesta situació en diverses residències de gent gran de diferents punts d'Espanya. Per ara, es desconeix quins centres són. Tot el que se sap és que avui estava previst que l'exèrcit visités 73 arreu d'Espanya, 14 d'elles a la Comunitat de Madrid.

"Hi ha escenes duríssimes en algunes residències d'avis morts als seus llits i el personal desaparegut",

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Hoy hemos sabido que una cadena de residencias de ancianos, Clece, tenía a los ancianos fallecidos postrados aún en sus camas, junto a los demás internos.Empresa perteneciente a Florentino Pérez, del grupo ACS. No me imagino mayor expresión de inhumanidad. Toda una vida luchando, trabajando, para acabar como un trozo de carne en una cama. Maldigo mil veces a este sistema criminal que antepone el dinero a las personas, y no más débil es mi maldición hacia quienes lo sostienen y justifican. Con nuestros mayores no!!!!! Son un regalo, son historia pedazos de mierdas. 😭😭😭😭

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She lay in the grass listening.

It grew up around her and whispered; she laughed softly at its jokes.

She whispered jokes back, but they weren't very good; the grass chuckled back softly, just to be kind.

They spoke of much; of growing, of changing, how it's all unavoidably connected, how the sky will always be high and the mountains could one day be lower.

Each day they grew closer, until eventually it was impossible to tell them apart.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy

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People, if you have a pdf that you want converted to epub and cleaned up, or an epub you want cleaned up for that matter, please push it in my direction because I want to do something that needs concentration and precision but not creativity. That well is temporarily dry.

I'm good at this.

(I reserve the right to say "this isn't my catnip" if it isn't my catnip. Won't do horror stories, for instance.)

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-¿Qué comemos hoy?
-¿Cómo se llaman las bolas esas de carne, que no me sale?
-Eso, comemos ensalada que te estás poniendo como una albóndiga, Jose Miguel.

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-Tú estabas con él al final, ¿cuáles fueron sus últimas palabras?.
-Fueron, '¿Cómo que no tengo cojones a cruzar la autovía haciendo la croqueta?'
-¡Siempre se van los mejores!

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-¿Me… me has afeitado las cejas mientras dormía, Conchi?
-Sí Josemari, y no pareces sorprendido.

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"You too, when it happens," I assured.

"If," she stated, as if to correct me, "And thank you."

"You're welcome. And if you need anyone to talk to, since booze can only do so much and often make things worse in certain cases, I have several pamphlets of places and people you could contact," I said, reaching into the help-box under the bar.

She didn't answer.

Because she was gone. Only a gray feather dusted in sulphur remained.

Sometimes I wish the mysterious ones tipped a little better.

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"If I die I’m bound for hell," she mumbled into her empty cup.

I poured her a free shot; I owned the bar, it was the least I could do for someone having such thoughts. Just the one though.

"Ah, I didn’t mean to make you feel sorry for me."

"I hope it'll help you feel a little less doomed. These are uncertain times for everyone."

She smirked and shrugged, "You are so kind. When your time comes; you’ll get your pick of heavens."

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

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