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Yo! My poetry book is finally listed on Amazon!
and wow, there is ALREADY a "Used" book available!
and i haven't even received my first print yet!
how do they do that?!? 😁

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This visualization attempts to represent Elon Musk’s extreme wealth, and it is frankly obscene.

, ,

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Un guardia civil vigila los restos de los dos Boeing 747 que colisionaron en la pista de aterrizaje, matando a 583 personas, el peor accidente aéreo de la historia.

Aeropuerto de Los Rodeos, Tenerife, marzo de 1978 | 📸 Derek Ives

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The Comiclopedia: An Online Archive of 14,000 Comic Artists, From Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, to Mœbius and Hergé


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, For those in or or , qoto.org is the best option for finding an anchor in the ; @freemo has created an ecosystem where one can maintain codes, talk about work and life, and discuss -- a library and a water cooler all in one place.
Just amazing.
And instead of 500 characters, you can post stuff over 65K characters, plus add images and in markdown.
This is good, crazy good if you ask me!

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It was with great patience that the werewolf waited.

His pack-leader had given him a very clear instruction, and he wanted to impress.

He got peanut-butter when he impressed. His tail thumped against the wall at the thought.


He grabbed his tail, giving a sheepish nod to the librarian.

Finally, story-time came to an end.

"Ah, there's your uncle over there."

His tiny human niece scampered over.

It was a very safe walk home.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

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Pues de entrada os voy a dejar esto. zoowomaniacos.org y ahora os voy a explicar que es. Zoowoman era el mayor repositorio de cine de culto, underground y descatalogado de habla hispana. Que se dice pronto. Todo en abierto, descargable, y al que además, uno de sus principales gestores, facilita el acercamiento y las búsquedas a través de un canal de YouTube que se llama “La filmoteca maldita”

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*Amigues* Un conocido tiene un consultorio médico y desea informatizar sus procesos administrativos, etc. Como va a empezar desde cero, me puse el hábito y le comenté sobre el SL :stallman: . Entonces, me explicó lo que necesitaba y juntos encontramos OpenEMR open-emr.org/wiki/index.php/Op :ablobwhee: Peeero lo que yo entiendo es que solo anda en una pc que funcione como servidor ¿cierto? Entonces, ¿tendría que tener una pc dedicada para esto o este programa podría estar en una pc normal y convivir con el resto de programas? ¿La instalación y su mantenimiento la puede hacer cualquier mortal o requiere de un informático? Les agradezco de antemano sus respuestas y cualquier tipo de ayuda o guía.

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do you sneeze when you walk from a dark room into the sun

Boosts appreciated :boost_ok:

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This guy thinks he's so smart that nobody will be able to solve his puzzle. I have neither the time nor the skill, but I bet one of you does. (please boost) youtube.com/watch?v=CelFQnpzh0

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A pegasus flock had become a pest in our village.

They loved our famed thatched roofs.

If they weren't trying to eat them they were trying to nest in them, and if they weren't trying to nest in them they were doing what needed to be done proceeding the need to nest. And say nothing of the splatters they left up there.

We tried capturing and releasing them in a further valley but they just flew back.

We ended up constructing sloped roofs.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy

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-Beber mucha agua.
-No salir a hacer deporte en las horas de calor extremo.
-Y ducharse, sobretodo ducharse, cabrones.

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-¿Eres bueno en algo, guapo?
-Haciendo paellas.
-¿Y en la cama?
-Se pone todo perdido de aceite, pero por ti lo intento.

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En la nueva normalidad se puede follar, que lo sepáis, no sea cosa que no folleis por no saberlo.

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There was a small door in the back of my fridge.

There it was, behind the expired cottage cheese and a box of leftovers. It looked to be oak; all six inches of it bore carvings of mountains and wildlife that seemed to morph slightly before my eyes.

I closed the fridge door.

I hadn't been day drinking. I'd run out of booze a week into self isolation.

I opened the fridge again.

"Well, let's see what's in there."

Best decision ever!

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

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A todos los amantes de los idiomas echad un vistazo a mi canal de Telegram de gramáticas en pdf

Gramáticas, diccionarios y manuales de todos los idiomas que se te pasen por la cabeza.

@ecotejados @francistein @iulius

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