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do you sneeze when you walk from a dark room into the sun

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This guy thinks he's so smart that nobody will be able to solve his puzzle. I have neither the time nor the skill, but I bet one of you does. (please boost) youtube.com/watch?v=CelFQnpzh0

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A pegasus flock had become a pest in our village.

They loved our famed thatched roofs.

If they weren't trying to eat them they were trying to nest in them, and if they weren't trying to nest in them they were doing what needed to be done proceeding the need to nest. And say nothing of the splatters they left up there.

We tried capturing and releasing them in a further valley but they just flew back.

We ended up constructing sloped roofs.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy

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-Beber mucha agua.
-No salir a hacer deporte en las horas de calor extremo.
-Y ducharse, sobretodo ducharse, cabrones.

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-¿Eres bueno en algo, guapo?
-Haciendo paellas.
-¿Y en la cama?
-Se pone todo perdido de aceite, pero por ti lo intento.

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En la nueva normalidad se puede follar, que lo sepáis, no sea cosa que no folleis por no saberlo.

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There was a small door in the back of my fridge.

There it was, behind the expired cottage cheese and a box of leftovers. It looked to be oak; all six inches of it bore carvings of mountains and wildlife that seemed to morph slightly before my eyes.

I closed the fridge door.

I hadn't been day drinking. I'd run out of booze a week into self isolation.

I opened the fridge again.

"Well, let's see what's in there."

Best decision ever!

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

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A todos los amantes de los idiomas echad un vistazo a mi canal de Telegram de gramáticas en pdf

Gramáticas, diccionarios y manuales de todos los idiomas que se te pasen por la cabeza.

@ecotejados @francistein @iulius

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if anyone outhere still thinks the world is on our side, i would like to remind,that paytoilets exist
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Ver "No todo va a ser follar - JAVIER KRAHE en la Sala Luz de Gas" en YouTube youtu.be/NIDi8HzJ2DA

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:as: Porta màscara
:as: Respecta la distància de seguretat
:as: Afilia't a un sindicat de classe i combatiu
:as: Redistribuïm la riquessa
:as: Combatem el patriarcat
:as: Combatem el feixisme


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No century begins with a Tuesday, Thursday, or Sunday

Proof: In 400 years there are 97 leap and 303 non-leap: 400x365+97=146097 days, which is divisible by 7 - everything repeats after 400 years (G.C.)! Since
1/1/2300-Monday t.co/f6pVDu39EH

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-¿Cómo está la cosa más bonita del mundoooo?
-En pack de 6, enfriándose en la nevera.
-Te quiero más...

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