"Ya know, every time you remember something your mind changes it just a little, until your best and your worst memories are your biggest illusions." -- The expanse

I am watching this show for the first time and I'm really REALLY impressed with the scientific accuracy in ever minor details. This is an excellent quote from the show and it is also scientifically accurate from experiments we have done on mice. I have never seen a show so mindful of the science before yet still be futuristic science fiction. Really cool!


@freemo What I really loved about The Expanse is that the tech looked like it should. It wasn't all sleek and silver. Pushbutton pendants were yellow to make the easier to see. There were labels and instructive decals.

@Lwasserman Yea, though I wonder if in 40 years people will still say that.. Scifi from 40 years ago using old graphics and CRT screens looks so outdated it loos unrealistic even if the style of the tech at the time matched what looked "normal" for the era. I suspect in 40 years it might not look so realistic from an aesthetic standpoint.

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