I only need the timestamping and signing on the off-chance that I might have to go to court. I should have a proper engineering notebook in case of a patent dispute. Also, I'm a PE, so there's a slight chance that I could get sued.

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Alright folks, help a coder out. The last time I tried to write an engineering notebook app for myself, I got bogged down in the interface, then sent myself down a rabbit hole where I was planning to store all of my notes in sealed PDFs, which I then had to read back so that I could search. Clearly, this is not the way.

After that, I tried to just beat TiddlyWiki into unsealed project note shape. It works, but it's buggy.

It occurs to me that I could quickly bang out something with an interface similar to my note-taker in TiddlyWiki, in .NET, use a little local DB to store the notes, then once that behaves, work on figuring out how to encrypt the contents of each set of notes...that seems doable. I can add more useful bits later.

Friends, allow me to share my progress from you. Please yell at me if I try to add too many things at once.

The ultimate goal is an electronic engineering notebook. I've been fighting with this one for years, but last night it occurred to me that I can share my problem with all of you :)

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Question: Assuming that I have a certificate that identifies me, and a timestamp from a trusted time authority, what is a good file format/other way to seal text against modification/impersonation? I know that I can seal PDFs, but I'd like to secure my daily notes and ultimately make them searchable, so a folder of sealed PDFs is somewhat inconvenient.

Anyone else spending the evening working off the clock?

Seriously, what do you like in a JRPG? I'll happily recommend a favorite.

Again, RF design isn't really my bag, but back in college, we had to do a project where we were using trilateration and a RF transmitters and receivers to locate a soccer player on a field. We only got as far as a rough proof of concept, but I can tell you that the RF PIC microcontrollers have a built-in signal strength value, that we were using to determine distance.

Right now, I'm making machines that make and inspect stents and catheters. I've done graineries, some energy, and packaging in the past.

Okay, why does Manjaro ask for my user password instead of the root password when installing programs?

Connection to NAS established. Valentina fixed. Okay, we appear to be functional. I will say, there is absolutely no lag so far in this OS. Everything moves like lightning. So far, so good.

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I found Valentina in AUR, but it keeps bombing out while trying to build it. Thoughts?

Alright, Manjaro is installed. It found my second monitor and wifi without a hitch, so that's a good sign. Dropbox and Keepass are working too. Now, can we get Valentina functioning? That's a dealbreaker, if it doesn't work.

Why do I have this sinking feeling than I'm gonna have to reinstall Debian?

I've been trying to get my nephew to play Twilio, since he really likes building with redstone in Minecraft, and I'd live to get him to convert that interest into some real-world skills.

While it's probably possible to appease a tree that needs a very particular climate, I cannot accommodate 150 feet of height.

Hey radio and free-speech enthusiasts! Does anyone know anything about this? theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/

I'll admit, I never considered that we ran this kind of foreign-targeted news organization. I should have. But this is all new to me.

Question: I run Debian, and have had issues for a long time with my web browsers. I'm currently using Chromium and Firefox, but they tend to crash, and occasionally have trouble running things like video. They're better than they used to be in the Flash days, but still not great. Does anyone have a browser that works better, or a good browser fix?

I found an instruction set reference for one of the low cost 32 bit Microcontrollers. It's got 51 instructions. It's sort of a mid-range complexity. Either way, you'll be fine. They probably won't start you on the big one.

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