@freemo What I really loved about The Expanse is that the tech looked like it should. It wasn't all sleek and silver. Pushbutton pendants were yellow to make the easier to see. There were labels and instructive decals.

@lupyuen I didn't do much for the longest time. Now I'm cooking more. I'm trying to figure out how to make the stuff I like. Actually, I was about to try to make these:

@lupyuen If it involves that picture, I see veggies, meat, tofu, some noodles...sounds find to me. *has been known to eat hot dogs and baked beans for lunch*.

@lupyuen How is it that you always seem to eat actual, healthy food? I get bologna sandwiches for lunch.

@namark @Sphinx Thought the goal was to count to a hundred by ones.

@freemo My math is solid. It's my handwriting that always gets me. How I made typos while handwriting, I'll never know.

@freemo On the bright side, your handwriting is lovely.

@freemo I used to bring home three of each..for when I inevitably screwed up.

@freemo That's why fill-in-able tax form PDFs changed my life.

@Sphinx Not sure if you're looking for commentary on your code. You posted it, so I figured that you were okay with the idea.

@Sphinx My inclination would be to write that as:

n = 100
counter = 1
while counter <= n:
counter += 1

I think that "sum" is unnecessary. You could add "step" variable, if you don't want to count by ones.

@freemo @AtlasFreeman @BunnyBismuth Out of curiousity, which candidate will you be voting for? Which third party candidate?

@freemo Not sure that qualifies as less complicated...

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