I’m Lyle Troxell from Santa Cruz, CA. I’m a software engineer, podcaster, maker, photographer, and father. I’m currently improving my blacksmithing skills, researching software arts / translation, and refreshing my JavaScript knowledge.
I work at Netflix on the iOS App, and create the WeAreNetflix podcast as well as my personal podcast “Geek Speak with Lyle Troxell”. I try to keep up on technology and how it affects society.

Welcome @Lyle! you can also crosspost your toots to the birdie site and instagram using moa.party 😎

@Lyle Welcome, great to have you here. I was about to go to bed but got interested in your podcast. I hope you share your thoughts with us on that topic sometime I'd be fascinated to hear your perspective.

@freemo well in that case:
I have created a weekly radio show/podcast called GeekSpeak (geekspeak.org) for 18 years. We talk about science and technology.
This year I slowed down on GeekSpeak to make room for the podcast WeAre.netflix.net ; we talk about what it is like to work at Netflix and the different things we do.

@Lyle Wonderful. We are about to get a funkwhale instance up so members of this server can host podcasts (and we will host oneofficial one as well). So we will have a little podcasting family here soon. I will be sure to check out your link very cool. Also, share it publicly if youd like, i think some people here would be very interested myself included.

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