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It is quite difficult to explain evolutionary stable strategies (and their relation to the environmental situation) to people without getting your hands dirty with long examples.

I found this really neat online interactive guide that really, feels a lot like a game and is very enjoyable.

Give it a try!

It is FOSS, code is here:

Serious time.

I'm writing from Pozzuoli, a town on the shore near Napoli, in Italy.
I started studying physics at Federico II university three years ago, and I'm one year away from getting undergrad.
Answering @freemo right now I'm into mathematical physics and I'm enjoying it but I'm yet to specialize in anything, so I could say "everything" as well as "I don't know"!
Before enrolling I was tinkering with electronics and programming. In the spare time in high school, that was a lot, I discovered Linux and FLOSS world, I played with Arduino and spent my time on Istructables.
I've been practicing aikido since I was a child, now I'm 21.
I think you guessed I like to learn, every year I sign up to something new I never did before, and most of all that I never thought of myself doing. This was archery year: I practiced once a week with prehistorical and medieval bows, I built my personal bow with my hands and I go around practicing.
I'm horrified about how the main social medias are purposely distorting people's perception of reality, that's why I'm here.
I give my help in a community that's reviving an abandoned place to make it a common good. It's a widespread practice in Italy but the current government is pretty hostile.

That's a lot for now,
hope to hear about you soon,

Not very good at .
Living in Italy, studying physics, doing things.

More about that later.

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