So my desktop has 32 CPUs and 64 gigs of memory, and 2x nvme 960 pro in RAID 1 configuration. Not to mention 4x Vega 64 water cooled frontier edition graphics card (for OpenCL work).

I'm not even sure I can call this thing a Desktop Computer anymore, its more like a low-end supercomputer. No matter what I throw at it it responds instantly. What a fucking beast!


@freemo That is amazing! All I got is my laptop with an i7 8th Gen and 8GB of RAM (upgradable to 32).

What operating system do you got on it?

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@MOTT Archlinux, I actually have a farm of similar last gen computers. My other one has 4 last gen watercooled gpu too, the others are more affordable air cooled but 6 cards per box instead of 4.. So have a pretty decent sized farm to work with. This one is my desktop too and the flagship of the lot.

@freemo Wow. That is impressive. I am currently running Antergos right now because I don't want to install vanilla Arch Linux right now and have little reason to.

@MOTT I run vanilla arch on all my boxes except one older laptop

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